Oracle Card Deck: Messages From Shadow + Guide Book

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Messages From Shadow is a healing system that includes a deck of 34 oracle cards each intuitively designed, energetically activated, and mindfully attuned to the vibration of Truth and Love. The intention of this precious healing tool is to reflect us back to shadow patterns and themes expressing themselves in our lives that are asking for our loving healing through gentle presence.

Whether you want to know why a relationship is experiencing conflict, what your body is telling you through a particular symptom or sensation, why an emotional theme (jealousy, anger, fear, etc) is so consistent or bring light to what’s keeping your business/career from growing, the Messages From Shadow oracle deck is here to reflect you back to the Truth about the energies impacting these areas of your life.

This deck is the  Divine answer to my question…

What is it about the presence of certain people, places, relationships, decisions and circumstances that consistently wake up powerful feelings and behaviors in me that I don’t always understand?

Every Messages From Shadow Kit includes…

  • A Deck of 34 (3.5″ x 5.75″) Energetically Activated Shadow Oracle Cards for Healing & Awakening
  • A 60-page Guide Booklet to Support Empowering Use of the Deck
  • A Black Velour Drawstring Bag (5″ x 7″) for Safe, Comfy Storage and Travel 

Watch the video below for a sneak peek inside.


 Did you know that the Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck comes in App form on iTunes!?

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