Mentorship for Healers

Welcome, Healer!

Let's just get right to the heart of it...the world is in desperate need of awakened therapists and healers and if you were called here today, you are likely one of them.

My hunch is that you're visiting today because while you're amazing at facilitating healing work, you likely feel blocked or less confident in the world of money and business.

Am I right?

Maybe you're having a hard time attracting or keeping soul mate clients or maybe your practice is full, but you're overwhelmed with burnout knowing you have more to offer the world and now it's time to clarify how to scale and grow.

Either way, you're in the perfect place...and I am over the moon to help!

While I can support you with many things related to birthing your practice, I'm most known for my super power of helping healers upgrade their abundance frequency (more clients, more clarity, and more cash) and activate their client attraction capacity to easily make a meaningful impact at any stage of business.

I would be honored to walk with you if you're tired of walking alone and you know it's time to receive support to birth or upgrade your healing business now.

Intuitive Mentorship can be a beautiful way to more deeply connect to yourself and your inner knowing as you awaken and activate the healing entrepreneur within.

Integrating the right combination of confidence, clarity, and skills into your practice building is an empowering recipe that often sparks delicious results in the growth of your business and life.

Different than coaching, mentorship is a co-collaborative journey where I honor the deep wisdom within you while using the deep wisdom within me to connect you with your gifts and offer soulful strategies for you to take inspired actions ready to be taken.

Mentorship experiences can include:

  • Exploring and Transmuting Fears and Money Wounds Influencing Your Ability to Attract and Maintain the Clients You’re Meant to Serve 
  • Clearing Shadow Patterns, Ancestral Codes and Past Life Wounds Effecting Your Ability to Be Seen, Heard, and Hired
  • Discovering the Specific and Unique Intelligence of Your Soul Purpose and the Most Aligned Inspired Actions for You to Take Next
  • Identifying and Activating Your Healer Archetype Prioritizing to Support Your Clients with Ease.
  • Exploring and Activating Your Intuition so That You Can Support Your Clients with What They Need Beyond What Any Textbook or Certification Can Offer

I see my role as one who walks beside you, holding a mirror for you to see and remember who you are and why you are here as you recollect aspects of yourself you've disconnected from.

This isn't just airy fairy "woo woo" stuff though.

This is an intentional process of clearing and upgrading the path so you can be who you're here to be and do what you're here to do as efficiently as possible.

I know that doing our soul’s work in the world can often feel like a confusing, roller coaster ride. I’ve realized that when we don’t give ourselves access to our soul’s story and the unconscious energies at play, we become disconnected from our purpose and then a whole lot of nothing happens when we try to bring our work to life.

I’ve also found it to be true that we can remember our soul’s story and journey in relationship with ourselves to welcome a shift in our experience. With a clear and compassionate mirror, we can awaken the healer within and begin to experience a beautiful flow of abundance and fulfillment doing the work we came here to do.

I've realized that our visions don’t want to be forced or manipulated into being. They want to be seen, heard, and held so they can organically grow in the ways they are meant to serve the planet at this important time of awakening.

It is my experience that in unifying the masculine and feminine energies within, we begin working in harmony with ourselves and therefore we can attract our clients to us rather than feel like we’re constantly trying to desperately force anyone or anything.

I no longer subscribe to the illusion that we have to work hard and push and force, but rather I live in a deep knowing that we can gently shake the world with our passion and purpose.

Gently, gently down the stream…

I want to be transparent in sharing that I’m not under any delusion that you need me or the space that I hold or the wisdom I have remembered. I trust that we each have everything we need within us. If though as you connect with the words and energy of this page, you feel you want to welcome me onto your path to reflect you back to your inner knowing, then I’d be honored to journey with you to experience a sense of freedom and flow in your work.

Healer, walk with me when...

  • You feel ready to merge soul and strategy to have an abundant experience serving the world with your wildly magical healing gifts.
  • You are open to being held, witnessed, and supported as you let your vision reveal itself to you.
  • You have outgrown being seduced by strategies and 12 step plans and are waking up to the depth of wisdom within that is ready to be activated and shared.

I offer individual and community support for healing professionals.

Together we customize a sacred experience that resonates with your unique needs at the present time. My work currently includes virtual intuitive mentorship experiences and also in person single and multi-day soul business intensives in San Diego, California. Because I appreciate the depth and intimacy of on-going relationships, I generally offer packages of sessions versus single appointments 

    I work from an intuitive pricing model that typically starts around $3k and shifts depending on the energy and structure of the mentorship experience we decide to co-create together and payment plans are usually available to meet you at your abundance frequency.

    Is it time for you to welcome support?

    If you are feeling a resonation with the possibility of sacred mentorship, let's walk together and co-create a magical experience.

    I invite you to click below to apply for a complimentary Connection Call to begin the journey of connecting.