Keri currently has two books in publication that are intended to serve as resources for healers and their clients. Both titles are available here on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats. Read more details below about each book to see which one resonates with you.

Imagine a day where you give yourself permission to...

  • Remember your infinite worth, no matter what
  • Reconnect with your Divine Authentic Self and be inspired to move forward
  • Wake up to your natural ability to sit with the darkness and feel the peace of your light there.

Keri Nola’s first book, A Year on Your Path To Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul takes you on a year long journey through 12 emotional themes intended to reconnect you to the depth of wisdom within. 

Reader Reflections

“Thought-provoking, moving and often profound, these daily “you moments” are the perfect way to jumpstart your day or just be inspired anytime. Keri Nola gets right to the point and gives us succinct reminders to own up to our worthiness and embrace the power of our choices. I love it!”

Paula Renaye, Award-Winning Author, Living the Life You Love–The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation

“Keri Nola’s debut book is ultimately about connecting to our souls, and thus returning to the love that we are. She shines the light on this process through a thought provoking and inspiring collection of her daily bits of wisdom and expertise. A Year on Your Path to Growth leads us further on our journey to self love, which directly helps us to create a much more loving and peaceful world.”

Mary Soliel, Award-Winning author of I Can See Clearly Now and Michael’s Clarion Call

“Delightfully empowering…Keri Nola has outdone herself with this inspiring compilation of daily affirmations.  Chock-full of positive energy, they speak directly to our soul and motivate us to move forward and take charge of our lives.”

Sherri Cortland, author, Windows of Opportunity and Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age

“Keri’s lovely book is filled with daily gems of inspiration that will raise your vibration and expand your awareness. With Keri as your guide, you can actually feel her lovingly cheering you on, inviting you to discover and embrace your authentic, radiant Self. This is a must read for anyone who is ready to awaken to their Power and Presence as a loving expression of the Divine.”

Jill Lebeau, MFT, co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind, Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!


In her latest book, 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep, Author and Intuitive Psychotherapist, Keri Nola, offers a collection of 44 diverse, holistic tips and techniques that support with discovering and relieving the environmental, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and energetic influences keeping you from peaceful sleep.  If you or your clients are ready to empower the sleep cycle with simple, easy to implement ideas, this book will be the resource guide you return to night after night to get the rest you deserve and desire.

This book is intended to support those who:

  • Appreciate natural and holistic remedies for resolving sleep challenges
  • Have difficulty falling asleep
  • Have difficulty staying asleep
  • Experience restless sleep
  • Feel tired upon waking
  • Have low energy at points during the day
  • Fear bedtime because of a history of sleep difficulties
  • Have difficulty relaxing the mind at bedtime
  • Have difficulty relaxing the body at bedtime 

    What Health Professionals Are Saying About 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep...

    A simple, versatile and integrated approach for anyone encountering sleeplessness. Benefitting even those with the most relentless insomnia, Keri Nola presents a variety of valuable "peaceful sleep" antidotes for body, mind & spirit. Where most books only focus on body & spirit, Keri addresses the mind by including her profound emotionally-led tips that are truly life-changing.”
    • Monica Bradnan, Master of Science Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician
    “Hail to Keri Nola for introducing us to the many holistic alternatives to modern sleep aids; simple, thought-provoking, step-by-step tips that many people will be trying for years to come. 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep is not just for those who struggle with insomnia, but is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to bring peace and tranquility to bedtime rituals. Lovely!
    • Chonteau Blake McElvin American Academy of Drugless Practitioners, Certified Health Coach, Personal Herbalist and Author, An 84 Day Self Care Journey for Women in their Wisdom Years
    “A wonderful addition to your own personal healing library!  In 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep, Keri Nola offers the reader very persuasive examples of opportunities to get the requisite healthy sleep an individual needs to live an intentional life!  Kudos!”
    • Brigid M. Noonan, Ph.D., LMHC - Chair, Department of Counselor Education, Stetson University
    "Very succinct! Sleep is vital to life, more important is the quality of your sleep. Keri provides you with a garden path for a relaxing, mindful journey to healing through sleep. Your quality of life depends on it."
    • Dr. Kendra Pomeroy, Chiropractor at Root's Chiropractic, Specializing in Women's Health and Nutrition
    “Quality sleep is essential to vibrant health, but few of us know what to do when we aren’t getting it. Keri Nola gives us a solid foundation of basics then offers a long list of holistic, alternative and therapeutic options that promote relaxation while empowering the soul. Read this book before you even think of taking medication to sleep!"
    • Paula Renaye, Award-Winning Author, Living the Life You Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation, named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012
    "The information and knowledge provided by Keri Nola in, 44 Holistic Tips For Peaceful Sleep is invaluable! She addresses environmental, psychological and physical ways to prepare for more restful sleep and offers a holistic approach to better understand the root of sleep problems that are often masked with medication."
    • Angela M. Thacker, Psy. D.