What a sacred time it is to be an awakening healer on our planet at this unprecedented dawning of consciousness.

I'm holding the knowing that you found your way here today by Divine appointment and I'm celebrating your arrival.

Since you were called here, I'm sensing that, like me, you, too, can feel the planetary energies shifting rapidly and you notice the deep urge to show up in the world from the highest expression of who you are. 

Am I right?

As Awakened Healers, we are being asked to remember and activate our cosmic consciousness and align with the energetic frequency of our unique healer archetypes so we can be of service now more than ever.

Every day, I am grateful for the gift of being able to walk alongside beautiful healer souls as they wake up to the sacred expression of their Divine calling.

The healers I walk with are...

  • Curious about their intuitive gifts and the power of their purpose
  • Tired of trying to fit in and Ready to express themselves more fully in life and work
  • Aware of a power and wisdom within that they want to remember how to cultivate and share
  • Deeply willing to take responsibility for the light and shadow aspects of themselves and are open to being held and supported as they wake up to the confidence, clarity and structures that bring their purpose to life.
  • Know they have outgrown being seduced by “cookie cutter” strategies and “12 step plans” and desire being met, seen, and supported in a way that deeply honors their unique heart, style, and purpose.
  • Feel ready to welcome more money in the bank account with ease.

I’m Keri Nola, Retired Psychotherapist, Awakened Healer, Energetic Visionary and Founder of the The Abundance Activator where I hold conscious space to gently, yet powerfully witness and support healers in bringing their soul's work to life with more ease and less struggle---the upgraded path to serving.

What I know for sure is that...

Birthing our work in the world can feel terrifying (and exhilarating!)

While at some level, I always knew that I came here with a magical purpose, I didn't consciously realize the intensity that would unravel on the journey of allowing myself to truly emerge and be seen expressing my gifts and offering my service.

I remember when I opened the doors to my psychotherapy practice back in 2005, I was fresh out of graduate school, eager to spread my wings and bring my practice to life. At the same time, I was all too aware of the vulnerability and uncertainty of how my vision would reveal itself. What I knew for sure was that I had an open heart and a deep call to hold space for people to return home to themselves and experience the peace they were disconnected from. The truth is, I wasn't convinced this was enough and I later realized this doubt kept me playing small and unable to share myself fully with those who wanted what I was here to offer.

Do you know this familiar feeling?

After stumbling around on my own for a bit struggling with the unexplainable ebbs and flows in my practice growth, I finally allowed myself to surrender to support. Even though I supported others on a daily basis, allowing myself to ask for help felt like losing my breath at first.

This willingness activated a new energy for me.

I'm not going to pretend that the process was all rainbows and unicorns. It was messy, scary and uncomfortable AND simultaneously beautiful, profound, and abundant.

I woke up to the fact that I was not a victim to my practice, but rather that my practice was always a reflection of my own inner process asking to be brought to light and healed. I was surprised to realize that as I gave myself permission to receive support and wake up to my power and purpose at a deeper resonance, I also began to attract clients who were willing to do the same. Yes!

Within a year, I had an expansive practice and my heart was full of gratitude as I felt deeply connected to the work I was doing and I was experiencing emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual abundance as an organic side effect. 

Just like you may share with your clients, I realized that...

It takes courage to awaken and be witnessed and supported.

As I've surrendered to my vision and the support to cultivate it for over a decade, I've woken up to new layers of wisdom that my soul is here to express and today my work has evolved onto a global platform as an Author, Oracle Card Creator, and Intuitive Mentor to healers worldwide. It is my privilege to reflect awakening healers back to the visions waking up within them through my mentorship, retreat experiences and products.

Imagine what it would be like to...

Give yourself permission to be held. 

    Healer, walk with me when...

    • You feel ready to merge soul and strategy to have an abundant experience serving the world with your wildly magical healing gifts.
    • You are open to being held, witnessed, and supported as you let your vision reveal itself to you.
    • You have outgrown being seduced by strategies and 12 step plans and are waking up to the depth of wisdom within that is ready to be activated and shared.

      Support can include...

      • Addressing and Transmuting Fears Influencing Your Ability to Attract and Maintain the Clients You’re Meant to Serve AKA clearing blocks to getting paid ;)
      • Identifying and Activating Your Healer Archetype Prioritizing to Support Your Clients with Ease.
      • Clearing Ancestral Codes and Past Life Wounds Effecting Your Ability to Be Seen, Heard, and Hired
      • Exploring and Activating Your Intuition so That You Can Support Your Clients with What They Need Beyond What Any Textbook or Certification Can Offer

       Feeling a resonation?

      If you know that now is the time to allow yourself to be supported, I would be honored to see if we are a fit to journey together. Click the box below to learn more about the ways we can walk together and while you're there, I invite you to apply for a Connection Call for us to meet.