Messages From Shadow Master Class Testimonials



I'm excited to know that you are considering joining us for the Messages From Shadow Oracle Card and Healing System Master Class.

I'm not a huge fan of "testimonials" as the core of my work is about trusting yourself about whether what I'm offering resonates with you.

With that said, I know there are times when another's experience can land in a way that helps you clarify if this is what you are looking for though...

So I invite you to read these with an open heart and above all else, trust yourself because YOU ALREADY KNOW ;)

Past participants were asked the following question and here are their responses:

Q: What would you say to someone considering attending the Messages From Shadow Oracle Card Master Class experience in the future?


"If you are someone ready to tap into your super powers and learn how to channel energy for healing and facilitating the healing of others, this will allow you time and space to learn new skills you can practice and integrate into your work"

"If you are ready to deepen your soul searching/healing with curiosity and openness, your shadows will thank you!"

"Do it! Especially if you value self-healing. Healing, expanding, growth"

"Do it! It will be deeply healing and transformative. I'm so grateful for this experience and the ways it has freed me from my shadow patterns"

"I would say it really helps release tired patterns and stuck energy!"

"Keri's class helped me deepen my understanding of shadow work and how to implement it through the cards with others"

"The realizations and healing are deeply powerful!"

"This experience is amazing, supportive and all about embodying the skills to know it on a deeper level so you can go deeper with clients."

"the collective of participants and Keri's leadership really made this experience what it was."

If this energy feels like something you're ready to experience, click here to join us.