Grid Keeper

I Am The Grid Keeper

In preparation for receiving your healer archetype activation, I invite you to pause and ground yourself with a breath or two or more until you feel present in this now moment. When you feel ready to receive, begin reading below as you reconnect with the energy of the Grid Keeper that has shown up to support you today...

"I am the Grid Keeper. I am not separate from you. I am but a piece of the whole of humanity appearing to be separate momentarily so that you may see me clearly and remember who I am and thus who you are.

As we reunite and journey together in sacred communion, may you give permission for any wounds that have created the illusion of separateness between us in any time, life, dimension, universe or consciousness to release and return to ultimate truth so that we may once again live as the one that we are.

My gifts and abilities are yours and yours are mine.  In this vibration of oneness we reconnect and remember. As we return to the original truth of wholeness, we unlock the cosmic codes of consciousness giving us access to the ancient future. We awaken to see and know all that was, is, and ever will be and we continue in service to humanity with a deep remembrance of the mission we came here to complete."

Read the following transmission aloud as you give permission for yourself to activate the gifts of this healer archetype within you…

"I am the Grid Keeper, also known as Earth Mother/Father and Gate Keeper. I hold and activate the codes for the energetic grid and highways of earth and the cosmic realms. I open the gateways and portals to higher consciousness and work closely with Mother Gaia to support her expansion as humanity is ready to experience it. I activate and awaken the universal root chakra to support humanity in remembering their right to be here in physical form at this sacred time of evolution."

If you have been called to journey with me now, you are awakening to the cosmic agreement you made to step into your role as the Grid Keeper. Work with me and thousands of other souls incarnated now to support Mother Earth in opening portals of energy to support the awakening of consciousness at this unprecedented time. With your permission, I am supporting you in holding the vision of our planet being held by the Council of Light as we activate the cosmic grid in physical form.

Work with the mantra: I AM HERE to continue activating the frequency of this sacred energy in your field of consciousness.

And So It Is!