End of Year Specials 2019

Hello love!

It's that time again.

I'm cozy on the couch with a cup of ginger turmeric tea and exhaling into gratitude. If it wasn't for you answering the call to allow me to support you, my life purpose would only live in my heart and being received in my gifts is such a sweet blessing.

So today I am here to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for welcoming me onto your path and trusting us to co-create magic together.

I hope that you are continuing to feel the support and holding of our journey whether we're currently playing together or not.

For the first time in a while I'm taking this whole week off to relax and recharge as I'll be pedal to the metal with Healers Code Live! prep starting next week, but before I ease into rest mode I wanted to send you some love in the form of my gratitude and also an invitation to renew support for the year ahead at special abundance frequencies if you desire.

With my calendar only being open for appointments 2 days/week and because I adore you and the sacred space we hold together, I'd like to give you the opportunity to fill the few individual spots I will continue to have on my schedule so I have created some special end of the year offers for you, which will expire on Friday December 13th.

If you are feeling called to my support in 2020, I ask that you tune in and see which of these ways of holding space together is speaking to you. With the purchase of any of these offerings, you'll receive the bonus of Monthly Soul Circles for a year free so you will always have a place to come in celebration and vulnerability throughout 2020.

Please know that if you have an active payment plan currently and you'd like to activate one of these options with $0 down and pay later, that is absolutely possible just reply and let me know or schedule a time for us to chat (calendar link at the end of this message) and we'll sort out specifics.

If you'd like to renew a package you currently have, just let me know and we can discuss this as well. It's just my intention to know who I am supporting in 2020 so I know how many spaces I have available to offer new soul sisters at Healers Code Live.

Ok here we go with the Gratitude Week specials reveal...

Option 1: Soul Intensive-This is a powerhouse of clarity, confidence, healing and inspired action all wrapped into one!

What I'm most excited about is this ahhhmazing special I'm feeling inspired to offer you for a 4 hour Soul Intensive. These are one of my favorite ways to co-create together. If you've had one before then I'm sure you remember it's incredible sweetness and if you haven't yet, then I'll just say this is a magical custom healing/practice building experience we can do in person in San Diego or online via Zoom that we co-create to honor the meeting of soul and strategy to support your sacred work coming to life.

The 2020 price for these is $3333 and because I love these experiences and YOU so much, I want to make them as accessible as possible in 2020 so I'm offering them right now at more than 50% off-- $1111 (for Pay in Full) or $1444 with a payment plan. If the 4 pay plan listed on the sales page doesn't work for you just let me know and we can be flexible.

I am only doing 8 of these in 2020 so if this is calling you, let's do this ;) We will schedule a convenient date once you purchase. All details will come to you via email.

Click Here to Purchase Your Soul Intensive

Option 2: Once a month coaching for 1 year- This is a great option for monthly support all year long. (Usually $300/month if purchased as single sessions, SAVING $1200) *These sessions must be used each month and do not roll over.

Click Here to Purchase Once Monthly Coaching for 1 year $200/month

Option 3: 6 session package-This is a great option if you'd like to have a handful of sessions to use as needed throughout the year. These sessions can be used at any time in 2020. (Usually $300/session, SAVING $468) *We can do a payment plan if you'd like. Just reply and let me know what you'd like to set up and we'll work it out.

Click Here to Purchase a 6 session Package for $1332

Option 4: The Queen Package (**ONLY 2 of THESE ARE AVAILABLE)-This is perfect if you are ready for an immersive experience of intuitive support, healing and co-creating. This is the best option for support that has consistent holding, blends soul and strategy and tends to build momentum powerfully on an on-going basis for empowering results both internally and externally. It includes most options above so you don't have to pick and choose because you get it all and then some :)

This package includes:

  • Twice Monthly coaching for 6 or 12 months Daily Voxer Support Mon-Fri for 6 or 12 months (Keri in your pocket in between appointments for daily encouragement, intuitive guidance, cheerleading, space holding, strategizing as needed ;)
  • 2 hour Soul intensive online or in San Diego
  • Year long access to monthly soul circles for community support

12 month commitment: $10k or $833.33/month for 12 months (usually $12k, SAVING $2000)

6 month commitment: $6k or $1000/month for 6 months (usually $7200, SAVING $1200)

Email us at support@kerinola.com and let us know if you want the 6 or 12 month plan and we'll set up a special link as long as it's still available.

Option 5: Monthly Soul Circle-This is ideal if you want community support each month and you will not be purchasing any of the packages above.

Click Here to Purchase Monthly Soul Circle for $33/month or $264

I want this to feel easy, exciting and expansive for both of us! If you know you're called to support next year, but you have questions, want to customize payment plans or are feeling overwhelmed by these options, let's just have a chat..

Click Here if You Want to Schedule a Time to Chat About What's Right For You

I am so excited about the possibility of continuing to hold space together.

Remember that these specials close on Friday December 13th so that I can begin planning my calendar for the new year.

I completely honor whatever feels right for you and just to be completely transparent so there is no confusion, if you choose not to renew before the end of the year, I cannot guarantee availability for individual sessions in the new year.

This will depend on my availability, which will likely be full after Healers Code Live! Loving you and trusting in whatever you decide.

Big hug! 

Love, Keri