Your Sacred Business Plan

Hello Light Leader!

I've got a question and an invitation for you today.

First the you think the words "Sacred" and "Business" go together?

One of the biggest fears I've personally felt and then frequently hear when I support healers in birthing the vision of their work into being is that "business" feels so incongruent with their natural healer frequency and they're afraid they have to hone some foreign skill set to experience abundance and fulfillment in their business. 

How scary to think that we have to separate from our true self in order to bring our business to life, right!?

What if our business building is sacred though?

What if we can be all of who we are AND have an abundant practice and offer meaningful services and creations to the world?

Yes, please!

To me "sacred" holds the vibration of special, precious, and to be honored...and my "work" is all of these things to me so as I woke up to this truth, it began to make perfect sense to acknowledge Business as Sacred and today when I do, it helps me to feel excited and expansive when I'm sharing things with the world.

I didn't always feel this way first it felt confusing and overwhelming to figure out how to blend who I am with my entrepreneur identity.

Maybe you can relate?

If this sentiment is resonating and you'd like to deepen into any resistance keeping you from standing fully in the light of your purpose and activating your sacred business plan then, I think you'll love the energy of the Sacred Business Video Series starting soon...Oh and it's FREE!


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During this experience, you’ll get to meet and awaken with over 30 thought leaders who have dug for the courage to divulge how they turned their business obstacles into stepping stones to their purpose.

Did I mention that I have the I have the honor of being one of the speakers!?

In my video, I reveal my one of my biggest inner challenges and how I perceived and navigated it so I was able to move forward and expand my vision and work in the world. 

I am excited (and feeling vulnerable to share it with you!) I hope you’ll join me. 

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Gently down the sacred business stream,



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