Will You Answer the Call?

Contrary to my ego’s preference who would much rather I keep this “safe” in my journal, I am inspired by higher guidance to post this piece today so I am obeying the order ;) I am brought swiftly to my knees, losing my breath until I eventually feel breathed by the cosmos once again.

I surrender admittedly with a little resistance at first.

I submit as I feel contained by an energy much more trustable than my mortal self.

I obey.

I know now that this is where my holy power lives.
I am here for this.

Use me.

I am only ever here for you.

May I know what I need to know, see what I need to see, say what I need to say and be who I need to be.

Trembling with excruciating vulnerability and otherworldly orders—these are my pre-stage vibes.

A moment in time when ego dissolves and I am Divine.

A vessel for the illumination and embodiment of Remembrance, Truth, Power and Love for all who are called to awaken from the illusion.

I am humbled to answer this call.

Are you called?

I welcome you with open arms,


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