When the heart speaks, listen...

Hello Beautiful Healer!

Let's just get right to the heart of it...I'm retiring from my psychotherapy practice this month.

I made this decision a few months ago and have been quietly feeling my way through the grief and eager anticipation of what will reveal itself to me next as I follow my heart in this unexpected direction opening up space to support healers and continuing bringing my Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing system to life.

And today it felt like it was time to let you know.

As I began mentoring therapists and healers over the past 3 years, my therapy practice grew smaller in size but still remained sacred to my heart.

You see I never imagined I'd leave the therapy couch until I was old and gray.

I've known I would be a therapist from early childhood and so much of my identity has been wrapped up in the title of "psychotherapist" for the past 15 years.

Over the years when I've been lost and felt scared, I always felt at home in my role of therapist. It was the "me" that I knew the best and often felt most connected to.

But then something began to change. It wasn't one day in particular, but rather a whisper over many days that turned into months and it said...expand...evolve...allow.

I tried to pretend I didn't know what it meant, but if I'm honest, deep down I knew it was time to step beyond this identity and into another expression of myself. Eventually the whisper turned into a ROAR and my body required my constant attention and nurturing for about 6 weeks. While laying on my floor for days at a time, I surrendered to the whisper and agreed to follow my heart and retire from practice.

I wonder if you've heard any of these whispers?

  • Expand wider...
  • Evolve deeper and higher...
  • Allow the next incarnation of your purpose to reveal itself...

I don't think this experience is unique to me. Many of us are being called to dig deeper and get more honest with ourselves about who we are and how we are here to express ourselves to be of service.

My decision doesn't make sense on paper. I love therapy work. I have beautiful clients who invite me to walk alongside them. I am experiencing abundance that supports me in having resources and freedom.

But when my heart speaks, I've learned to listen.

Regardless of what it looks like on paper, the wisdom of my heart tells me it's time.

While I'm pretty sure my retirement from therapy practice has been one of my hardest decisions to date, with each goodbye I say to clients, a space opens and my soul shows me how it wants to be filled.

Today I'm excited to let you know that my retirement from therapy practice means I have more time, energy, and clarity to hold space with you.

I've opened 3 spots in my schedule to support healers who have been waiting to be held.

If you are hearing the whispers of expansion too, I'd be honored to walk with you.

I invite you to apply to talk with me

I'll read each application with an open heart and will be in touch with scheduling if I feel I can be supportive to where you are on your journey.  On the call, we can hold space for your fears, your celebrations, and your vision and see how it resonates to work together.

If we decide to move forward with mentorship, our appointments can include...

  • Exploring and Nurturing Fears Influencing Your Soul Path
  • Identifying and Activating Your Healer Archetype
  • Identifying and Clearing Ancestral Codes and Past Life Wounds Related to Actualizing Your Soul Mission 
  • Identifying, Honoring, and Healing Shadow Patterns Asking for Support as You Bring Your Work to Life
  • Exploring and Activating Your Intuition
  • Holding Sacred Space for the Inspired Actions of Your Soul Purpose

Is this offering speaking to you?

If your heart says, YES...Click here to fill out the form to talk now

I trust your inner knowing and look forward to connecting soon if it's time.

Gently down the expanding stream,



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