As we ease into a fresh week, I invite you to join me for an exploration of this sacred awareness that rose up in me…

“When Our Hearts Lead, Clients Follow”

In a world where our sensitive souls may often feel overwhelmed and bombarded with 12 step plans and extensive strategies that say we have to get it “right” or our practices will fail, I find myself breathing into the refuge of my heart and using it as the compass that guides me.

With few “heart centered” entrepreneurs to look to as examples of what this kind of leadership looks like, I have often found myself with questions like…

How do I know when I’m leading with my heart?

Is my heart really powerful enough to show me the way?

Can I compete with others if I’m ignoring seemingly popular strategies and listening to the wisdom within?

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

I know I’m leading with my heart when I feel expansive and not desperate for a particular outcome.

My heart is the most powerful guide for showing me the way because it is connected to my soul who signed the contract agreeing to what I came here to experience so it always knows the route to invite me in that direction.

There can be no competition when I lead with my heart because the vibration of each heart is unique and the soul’s I am meant to serve and support will always respond to my vibration when I am connected to it.

Are you feeling a resonation with heart centered practice building?

Let’s deepen into this sacred conversation together.

I invite you to join me as I partner with Jamie Stacks, the President of the National Association for Private Practice Counselors (all healers welcome!) the special guest on the Love Your Practice Series, tomorrow Tuesday January 10th at 12pmEST/11amCST/9amPST.

Click here to sign up…it’s free!

We’d love to have you with us live, but there will be a replay sent to everyone registered.


Looking forward to spending this special time together and diving into the world of heart centered entrepreneurship so you can bring your soul work to life in an authentic way that easily welcomes an abundance of clients, resources, and joy!

Gently down the heart centered stream,


P.S. After you register for the webinar via the link above, click here to come on over and listen to this week’s brand new Galactic Vibrations cosmic forecast and see what energies are swirling around this week.

P.P.S. Have you seen this Amethyst beauty yet? She’s supporting our community with awakening intuition, insomnia, and anxiety. Click here to come sacred shopping with us if you feel called to journey with her.


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