Hello Beautiful Healer!

I'm slowly but surely settling in here in San Diego. My new home and community are already inviting me into deep reflection and awakening and I look forward to sharing pieces of the journey with you soon, but for today I wanted to share this special conversation with you.

I recently accepted an invitation to join my dear friend, John Harrison, on his True Calling Project Podcast and we journeyed deep into the energies of the shifts happening on the planet and what this has to do with our true calling.

We dive below the surface of popular social dialogue and into the richness of love, vulnerability, truth, birth, death, grief, healing ritual and more.

If you've been feeling the intensity in your life and in the world, you're not alone. We are going through a collective awakening that is activating a messy and often scary and uncertain process.

This conversation is for you and for me and for all of us that are waking up and allowing ourselves to be supported in the process.

Click here to listen now

Comment below and let me know what speaks to you. I'd love to hear from you!

Let's remember that we're on the ride together. It's hard enough...why do it alone?

Gently down the true calling stream,


P.S. I have a spot open for Soul Mentorship. If you'd like support as you deepen into your true calling, click here to find out what's available and let's connect.


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