The Temple Podcast Ep. 35: Expanding Beyond Our Boxes, Armours and Masks with Keri Nola

I love being a guest on some of my favorite podcasts! This week I played with my friend, Edward Pike, Founder of the Temple and the Temple Podcast and we took a beautiful dive into the world of shadow illumination. Specifically, we explored how we expand beyond our boxes, armor and masks allowing our gifts to emerge. I also offer a Messages From Shadow reading for the collective to help make sense of the sacred portal we are navigating as humanity awakens.

Listen to the episode below and go visit Edward’s site for more of his goodness!



About Edward Pike

Edward is the founder of the Temple: he coaches, consults and guides people home to their interconnectedness and divine potential so that they can flourish and co-create a better, more beautiful world. A certified spiritual life coach, personal trainer, Core Energetics body psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner, he is known for teaching people how to be the gift that they already are: the bridge between Heaven and Earth. 


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