The Illusion of "Should" in Practice Building

Recently I’ve been pondering the illusion of “should” and I wanted to bring the conversation to you for reflection because it feels like such a universal theme.

When I am disconnected from myself, one of the questions I find myself tempted to ask others is, should I do this or should I do that?

Over the years, I have found that when I ask this question, well-meaning people share their opinions of what’s “right,” but this doesn’t necessarily mean it aligns with my own path or purpose.

Maybe you can relate to these unfulfilling moments of self-doubt too?

We seem to live in a collective consciousness that is under the illusion of “right” and “wrong” and this often leads us to abandon our power and search for answers outside of ourselves.

If we translate the energy of these moments of “should,” we often discover a frequency of not enoughness, which activates our inner perfectionist and we begin trying to hustle to find the “right” answer. #Yikes #CueOverwhelm

Here’s my curiosity for us today…

What if it’s not about what you “should” do and instead it’s about what you “want” to do?

Imagine building your business from a space of deep self-trust and connection.

Imagine leaning into the fear of not knowing and allowing your heart to show you the way.

What if the next time we find the “should” questions arising, we paused and asked…

What do I WANT to do?

Then allow that answer to be your compass as you follow your heart and reassess again at the next turn to see if it still feels right.

When I support therapists and healers, I often get questions like these below (see if any of them are familiar to you)…

Should I accept insurance or should I go 100% self-pay?

Should I list my prices on my website or should I leave them off?

Should I charge this or should I charge that?

Should I use my own name for my practice or brand it with a company name?

So many questions with so many possibilities and the thing is…any answer is a perfectly viable choice you could make. The thing is, does the choice resonate with YOU?

When these questions show up, my answer is always the same…

“I don’t know, but let’s tune into your wisdom and find out.”

Today I invite you to notice the self doubt and feelings of not enoughness showing up disguised as questions and see if you are willing to pause in this space and ask yourself what you want. When your answer rises to the surface, notice if you are willing to allow it to be enough. #SelfLove

This is always a work in process. It’s messy. It’s uncomfortable. It’s human.

As I prepare to share a new piece of heart work with the world next month (cue butterflies of excitement and nerves!), I am breathing into the “shoulds” and surrendering to the heart beat of my inner knowing. I can’t wait to share this new creation with you soon.

Here’s to a spirit of gentleness as we navigate the waters of bringing our visions to life.

If you feel called, I invite you to share your reflections in the comments below, I always love hearing from you.

Gently down the stream,



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