The Holistic Counseling Podcast Ep. 18: Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Your Holistic Practice with Confidence with Keri Nola

We are no strangers to the experience of self-doubt as private practitioners and healing entrepreneurs.

While we have extensive training and embodiment of clinical and healing skills, we typically feel much less prepared in the realms of business.

That’s why I was so excited to be invited onto The Holistic Counseling Podcast to talk about my journey of dancing with the doubts and offering tangible ways to meet the vulnerable moments along the way.

Listen below and if you find that the self doubt is keeping you paralyzed or too overwhelmed to take the inspired actions to start, grow or scale your business, click here to learn about my intuitive mentorship for support.



 About The Holistic Counseling Podcast 

The Holistic Counseling Podcast hosted by Chris McDonald, a Licensed Professional Counselor, inspires mental health therapists to explore treatment options outside the realm of traditional therapy. Yes, Chris knows all about the stigmas attached to holistic therapy, yet she also knows how the client benefits far outweigh the looks, what-ifs, and worries about what people will think of you as a Mental Health Professional.

If you’re a Mental Health Therapist looking for the most up-to-date holistic treatments and wanting to learn how to integrate them into treatments, The Holistic Counseling Podcast is just for you! Chris helps you take your practice to the next level with a thriving holistic counseling service that you can give with confidence.



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