The Gift of Healer's Retreat

I swear I was an event planner in another life.

Last week I finished my fall retreat season here in San Diego and it always reminds me how much I love the process of coordinating the many elements of an event…the people, the food, the decorations, the sacred spaces, and the special touches that set the experience a part from another one.

Although I don’t imagine being a wedding or event planner in this life, I love the ways that choosing entrepreneurship allows me to tap into the many gifts and abilities that light me up even when they aren’t directly related to being a healer.

I often think about the aspects of having a “boss” that I didn’t enjoy (when I used to work for someone else) and I realize that so much of it has to do with doing tasks that didn’t resonate with me in a time and space that didn’t honor my spirit.

Even though I’m my own boss now I sometimes still find myself forcing myself to do things I don’t enjoy in a time and space that doesn’t honor my spirit, but those times are getting fewer and farther between as I wake up to the reality that I can choose something new at any moment. #HumannessHappens #GrowthDoesToo

One of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship is being able to choose the kind of boss I am to myself. Am I honoring my spirit? Am I allowing all parts of me to participate and share their gifts in my work? Am I saying yes to what lights me up and asking for support with what doesn’t?

It occurs to me that maybe sometimes we feel stuck in our work because we aren’t allowing all parts of ourselves to play their role, to share their gifts, to have a voice. Just because we’re creative doesn’t mean our purpose wants to express herself an art teacher or artist in the traditional sense of the word, just because we love music, doesn’t necessarily mean we’re here to be a musician and just because we love cooking doesn’t mean we’re here to be a chef, but this also doesn’t mean that we can’t incorporate our loves and abilities into the work we are here to do.

So today as I close my last week in California with a week away from the office for a vacation, I celebrate the ways I allow myself to use my strengths, my abilities, and my loves to support my soul work in the world and the ways I choose to release myself from being a hostage in my business by giving myself the freedoms and permissions that honor me.

Now I invite you to pause, breathe and notice what kind of boss you are to yourself…

Are you honoring your spirit?

Are you allowing all parts of you to participate and share their gifts in your work?

Are you saying yes to what lights you up and asking for support with what doesn’t?

Here’s to freedom in our soul work!

Gently down the freedom of entrepreneurship stream…


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