The Awakened Healer Show: Episode 1- Illuminating Common Healer Shadows So You Can Be Seen, Heard and Hired

Dearest Healer,

Surrendering to bringing your healing gifts to life in the world and welcoming abundance in the process can awaken many ancient fears, doubts and vulnerabilities.

In moving through the journey of birthing and sustaining an abundant practice myself and helping 1000's of healing entrepreneurs do the same, I have found several common blocks to being seen, heard and hired that I felt compelled to highlight in this month's episode of the Awakened Healer Show for you.

I invite you to create space to listen to this transmission and find yourself inside. Allow it to alchemize any wounds that may be standing between you and the full expression of your mission that is dying to emerge to support humanity at this precious time of our awakening.

If you've ever felt stuck, unsure, scarce or lost on the journey of bringing your healing practice to being, then may this episode feel like an answered prayer to normalize your struggle and help you navigate your way to the other side.

I'd love to hear from you! After listening to the episode below, comment and let me know what rule/s you've been following that don't resonate with you and what inspired action you'll begin taking instead to support yourself in being seen, heard and hired.



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