Strengthen Your Intuitive Muscle

Hello Awakening Healer!

Today I'm celebrating the Intuition webinar coming next week and I wanted to be sure you received your invitation to join us.

This special event is inspired by an awareness that continues to clarify itself to me...

I've noticed a collective hiding in the therapist community when it comes to giving ourselves permission to use our intuition as a legitimate approach to the healing work we do.

Does this have to look like a crystal ball and psychic readings?

Not necessarily, but this intuitive gal sure loves her a crystal ball!

Intuition in practice can be infused mindfully and powerfully when we have a relationship with the parts of ourselves that house our intuition.

I'll even go out on a limb and say that it feels unethical to me to leave our intuition out of the office as we're withholding a precious gift that can support our clients' process in a beautiful way.

There was a time that I got so seduced by "empirical evidence" that I lost conscious connection with the evidence unfolding right before my eyes in the sacred healing process with my clients.

I was so busy relying on "techniques" and "methods" that I was told were supposed to be used to solve specific "problems" that I was missing opportunities to notice the healing power of human relationships and their enoughness.

Strengthening our intuitive muscle is a choice we can make in any moment.

It's about a willingness to notice the places we have begun relying so heavily on external resources that we've forgotten the value of our inner eyes and ears to guide our way. This isn't to say that research and techniques aren't valuable, but rather to notice where we're using them as an excuse to not trust ourselves.

If you're feeling a resonation with deepening into relationship with your intuition and strengthening this valuable muscle, then join us for the Activate Your Intuition Webinar next week on Tuesday 2/28 at 8pmEST/5pmPST.

Click here for registration details.

We'll meet online for a community conversation and explore:

  • Ego Versus Intuition
  • Energetic Boundary Setting
  • Rituals that Reconnect You to Your Inner Knowing

At the end of the webinar, I'll also share an opportunity to continue deepening your relationship with intuition if you'd like more support.

Looking forward to holding this space together soon!

Gently onward,



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