Hello  Sacred  Soul…

I’m easing into this week after nurturing the vulnerability hangover and celebration of a powerful re-branding photoshoot (sneak peek below) and wanted to share something I’ve been pondering and invite you to my free webinar coming up on 1/24.

I am waking up to the reality that I’ve outgrown “get rich quick schemes” and rushing to a finish line…

They may look sexy in a quick email or facebook meme, but when we crash and burn afterwards, OUCH!

These days you can find me easing into the energy of alignment and choosing the peaceful and easy route to expansion.

What!? Growing my soulFULL practice can be “peaceful and easy!?” 

Well, let me not kid you that this always looks graceful or feels easy.

This recovering (notice the “ing” as in still in progress, lol) control freak hasn’t always had surrender and gentleness on autopilot, but over the past several years I have begun to notice that when I bend to the will of support, life and business does flow more smoothly even when it may feel awkward and uncomfortable in the process.

One of the barometers I’ve begun to use to choose what I will do in my business is whether or not it feels expansive, peaceful and easy.

When making a decision on your soul path, I invite you to ask yourself a few questions

  • Do I get excited at the thought of taking the step?
  • Am I willing to meet the fear arising in the energy of this expansion?
  • Is there a flow of ideas and resources to support me in making the choice?

I think we’ve been shamed out of allowing things to be easy and joyful.

What does it say about me if I’m not always pushing, forcing and working hard?

I used to think it meant I was lazy and didn’t deserve abundance, but since connecting with this part of me, I’ve begun to see these opinions as the illusions that they are and I’ve expanded into more joy and abundance than I ever experienced when working hard.

Speaking of joy, abundance, and expansion, my heart is so excited to be collaborating with The Group Guru, Katie K May once again.

In 2 weeks, we’ll be co-facilitating a special free webinar on Starting and Growing Groups with Heart and we’ll be answering all of your questions about how to experience more ease when using groups as an offering in your practice.

This will be an informal conversation where we will take a deep dive into how both me and Katie have experienced abundance in starting groups, workshops, and retreats in our practices. For both of us, more than half of our income rolls in from these experiences and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you.

If you’ve ever considered starting a group or have one that you’d like to grow, then we’re here to hold this space with you!

Why not let it be easy?

Support is here if you feel called to receive it.

We’ll be gathering live on Tuesday January 24th at 1pmEST/10amPST.

Click here to sign up and we’ll send the login details your way

If you can’t make it live, we will be recording and sending out the replay afterwards to all who are registered so if you’re interested, you may choose to sign up even if you aren’t available on 1/24 at 1pmEST.

Of course we’d love your presence with us live if you will join us!

I’m looking forward to holding this space with you. Let’s awaken the heart of your groups so you can bring them to life and support those ready to receive your sacred offering.

Gently down the group growing stream,


Other magic this week…

P.S. A new Galactic Vibrations Cosmic Forecast is live on the podcast today where we deepen into the energy of “crazy”.  Click here to listen

P.P.S. This amethyst beauty continues to support awakening souls worldwide. This week she helped ground, center, and connect me with my inner knowing for the photoshoot (see sneak peek below) Want to journey with the Energetically Activated Amethyst Hexagonal Column Necklace? You can purchase here.

P.P.P.S. Sneak peek of photoshoot (website refresh coming soon with more!)



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