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We all start at the beginning.

It’s hard to remember that sometimes, isn’t it?

I know how tempting it can be to look around and be seduced by what and how everyone else is doing it and I also know the side effects of self doubt, fear and shame that come from this comparisonitis.


What I know about my practice today is that the resources I use to run it are very different than when I first started over 10 years ago, especially when it comes to the legal aspect.

At the beginning, I didn’t know the first thing about how to set up my practice.

Was it supposed to be an “LLC” an “S-Corp” a “Sole Proprietorship” or something else?

To be honest, all these letters made me dizzy!

I just wanted to do the work I loved and all this legal and financial crap (yes a part of me feels this way!) was giving me a headache.

I knew the legal and ethical guidelines of my work as a healer, but when it came to the business entity piece, I was CLUELESS.

I wasn’t ready to invest in legal support at this point on my journey (I had a story it was super expensive and didn’t fit in my beginning budget) so I asked around and copied what the “cool kids” on the block were doing.

It all turned out fine (I’m so grateful!), but in the back of my mind during these times, a part of me was always uneasy wondering if I was putting myself in some kind of legal or financial risk that would be messy to clean up.

Are you comfortable with the legal container that is holding your practice?

Whether you already have your business entity established or you’re still trying to wrap around it all, my attorney, Lisa Fraley is ready to help!

She joined me for another free webinar on Soulful Legal Solutions and we talked all things, business entities: LLC’s, S-Corps, Sole Proprietorships, oh-my! Lisa even brought along her colleague, fellow attorney, Gena Shingle Jaffe to support us too.

Two lawyers, One Loving Legal Perspective.

I’d love you to watch this empowering legal conversation and raise the vibration of your practice by feeling secure in the ways you are honoring your work.

Join Us For This Free Training If…

  • You Have Ever Felt Scared or Confused About the Legal Tools You Need In Place to Support Your Practice
  • You Have Ever Questioned the Legal Steps You Need to Take When It Comes to Setting Up Your Practice (LLC vs S-Corp)
  • You Are Ready for Clarity Around Legal Details That Support Your Practice So You Can Do the Work You Love Without the Constant Fear of Being Sued

During This Free Training, You Will Discover…

  • Exactly What Legal Protections You Need in Place 
  • The #1 Reason Getting Legally Enlightened Will Support the Growth of Your Practice
  • How to Balance Your Legal Fears With Truthful, Loving Legal Perspective So You Don’t Interfere With the Expansion of Your Soul’s Mission and Work 

I spent years wondering “what if” and now that I have Lisa on my team helping me create a loving, legal container for my work, I am resting much more peacefully as I lean into the fullness of my healer self.

I’d love to support you.

Come play with us and let the legal love in!

Click here to download and watch free now


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