Reemerging from a Creative Hibernation

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog the past few months.

I’ve never been one to follow “rules” of consistency when they don’t resonate (in case you haven’t noticed LOL)

The truth is that I’ve been deep in a sacred creation mode for the past few months and my silence here has been part of honoring this process.

Now is the moment when it’s time to re-emerge and introduce my creation to the world and the Truth is that…

I’m scared.

This creation has been safe in my arms and heart for the past year and now I’m feeling called to share her.


A part of me is asking…

What if no one likes her?

What if no one “gets” it?

What if people just want the sparkly, glittery stuff and they aren’t interested in bringing light to their shadows?

Ever had any of these fears show up when it’s time to take a leap in your practice?

Well, if (or more likely...when) any of these fears become reality, I know I have a choice.

My choice is in how I will honor my reaction and love the parts of me that are scared.

The Truth is that bringing our work to life is scary. It requires a willingness to stop playing into the illusion of “safety” and invites us into deep vulnerability that lives outside of our comfort zone where things are uncertain.

The other Truth of this moment is that I’m simultaneously thrilled.

For years, I wanted a resource to help me see the parts of myself and my clients that were hiding in the dark, but I couldn’t find one.

When I was stuck in my business, with clients, or in relationships, I just wanted a mirror to look in that would clearly reflect me back to the Truth I wasn’t able to see.

I didn’t want someone to tell me what to do or even to tell me that everything would be alright.

I wanted to see beyond the illusion of stuckness and into the light of Truth.

I wanted to know where shadow patterns had been activated that were keeping me whirling in the energy of confusion and fear.

I wanted the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing, but the Truth.

Well, instead of waiting for someone else to create something, I followed the call and what revealed itself is…

Messages From Shadow, an energetically activated deck of 34 oracle cards meant to be a cosmic mirror to reflect you back to the blind spots asking for your attention.


These cards can be used personally or professionally to bring Truth to questions such as…

What shadow pattern is currently influencing my work, relationship, health, or money?

What shadow pattern is currently playing out in this decision/situation?

If you’d like to meet this sacred tool to support you in bringing light to moments of stuckness in your practice and your life, come on over for a sneak peek and get a Free Message From Shadow.

Click here to see inside now

It is an honor for me to share this sacred creation with you now. 

Have you ever used oracle cards for support before?

Share your experience in the comment box below…


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