Pause, Breathe & Notice

One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is feeling into and obeying my own aligned choices about how I serve my business and how it serves me.

For example, I enroll about 80% of my clients in January for the entire year and this frees up my energy to be focused on service and not be distracted by constant marketing.

It’s a preference of mine.
I feel relaxed knowing who I will be supporting and feeling the abundance present to provide for me so I can exhale.

Thank you. More Please.

Sometimes we do things today just because it’s what we did yesterday or why we were “told” to do.

To liberate the Divine Intelligence of your soul purpose, you’ve got to be willing to LISTEN and obey the calling of your highest self.

Pause, breathe and notice... How is your business asking you to serve it today? What path would have you feel the most expansion and relaxation and at you willing to shift and choose it over and over again?

I’d love to hear your reflections, comment below.

I’m on the ride with you,


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