Hi Brilliant Healer Soul,

It doesn't feel right to dive into today's message without honoring and acknowledging our community members who are experiencing hurt and loss right now from the storms and fires. Sending so much love your way! My family is in Florida and I'm feeling the feels with you.

On the other hand, it feels a bit awkward to acknowledge these events when I know humans are suffering everywhere, everyday and I don't publicly acknowledge that in every message. Oh the desire to express my love and care is so deep and real. Today I'm called to say that contrary to common belief, the absence of my talking about all experiences of humans hurting is not avoidance or distraction--it's me staying focused, clear and committed to showing up and living my purpose of shining a light in the dark spaces, which I sense you are showing up and doing in the ways you are called to also.

I've been sitting with this sentiment for quite sometime now and it strengthens with every quote and meme I see on social media that definitively decides that silence in our tumultuous times means a lack of sensitivity, caring or awareness and I feel more misunderstood than ever.

Today I write to allow this angry and misunderstood part of me to express herself with the intention of more deeply understanding myself in the presence of our community.

My Silence is Not Inaction.

I am busy feeling...grieving, raging, fearing, hoping, and celebrating for us.
I am busy praying for and visioning the world I know is rising from the ashes for us all to co-exist in.
I am busy meeting my own racism and prejudices.
I am busy healing my illusions of separateness.

 My Silence is Not Inaction.

I am busy waking up to my purpose and my responsibility on this planet.
I am busy remembering who I am and why I came here.
I am busy focusing on living, loving and creating as consciously as I am humanly able because I know my contribution here matters.

So when you don't see me commenting or speaking out on every injustice, tragedy or crisis on our planet, please know that it's not because I am insensitive, uncaring, or pretending that we don't have work to do.

My silence is because I care with every cell of my beingness and I am busy being present with the work I came here to do.

Sometimes this work sounds quiet as we hold space in the trenches and shadows. Other times this work sounds loud as we speak from the light of a stage.

However we are contributing, it matters.

My Silence is Not Inaction.

It is an expression of my deep care and concern and I understand that more than ever as I've given myself permission to express from this sacred part of me today.

Thank you for holding this space with me if you were called to read.

Now let's get back to work co-creating our beautiful new world because each of our contributions matter.

From my open, grieving and loving heart to yours...I am grateful we are in this together.

Gently onward,


Other magic this week...

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P.P.S. I'm here to hold you. If you're feeling alone and heavy in these tumultuous times, I'd be honored to hold space with you as you awaken the healer within. Click here to see how journeying together resonates with you and let's connect.

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