My Cosmic Podcast is Born

I’ve been long awaiting this moment of celebration when I could share with you the birth of my newest creation, the Galactic Vibrations Podcast!

Each week in 22 minutes or less, me and my soul brother, Lloyd, will be using this new platform to offer a cosmic forecast where we decode the energies that may be asking for presence and support in your life and business so you can choose to return to the Divine flow of abundance, peace, and love.

Now this isn’t your traditional practice building offering.

But then again, there isn’t much that is “traditional” about me or my offerings so I imagine you’re not terribly surprised, right?

I’m the girl that colors outside the lines, makes my own rules, and invites others to find a way of being in life and business that deeply resonates even if it’s different than the norm.

So here’s me practicing and living according to my Truth.

And I’m guessing that if you were drawn to my community, there’s at least a part of you that is tired of the hustle of fitting in and you too are open to deepening beyond the surface and into the heart of your practice.

There were/are times when I denied my power and dove into the vortex of the collective consciousness of victim mentality in my practice (& my life) and this pattern created a lot of resistance, frustration, and discomfort as I tried to bring my work to life.

My intention with the Galactic Vibrations podcast is that it be a supportive resource to invite us to move beyond the illusion of the struggle that often feels out of our control and into the sacred Truth of our power. This energy is meant to guide us to create a reality that honors who we are and the visions that are asking to be brought to life through us whether that be healing services, products, or experiences.

As I’m sure you can sense, we are at a powerful turning point in humanity. Those of us who are awakening and supporting the awakening of others are coming together to hold space for deeper layers of Truth each day. The Galactic Vibrations community holds the energy of a sacred healing space that will greet each of us right where we are and support us in evolving in the ways that are highest and best for ourselves.

Another exciting aspect of Galactic Vibrations is that it will also be accompanied by a sacred store where we will release a new energetically activated product each month (beginning in January) that will support your awakening. Stay tuned for releases of special offerings like crystals, pendulums, healing jewelry, and more!

Today I’m surrendering to the call to share this with you and I trust you’ll follow your own inner knowing about how this resource can support you and your healing intentions.

To get things up and going in iTunes we’ve released a few episodes so you’ll even get a sneak peek of the energies for next week too so you can get a head start on supporting yourself.

Click here to listen now

I welcome your reflections after you listen and invite you to subscribe on iTunes so you’ll know when new episodes are live.

We also have a free chakra balancing meditation for you to download on the site so notice how that calls you and enjoy that gift from us as well.

After you listen, comment and let me know what resonated.

Thank you for the presence and energy you’re contributing to the planet today and always.

Gently down the galactic stream,



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