My App is Live!

It's here, it's here!

The Messages from Shadow Oracle Deck App is now available for download on iTunes and Android!

For me, shadow work is the heart of what we do as healers.

We hold space for the dark stuff. The shame, the grief, the fear and the parts of ourselves and others that have been locked away so deep we've often forgotten they are there for fear that their existence means we are unworthy of love, compassion, and belonging. Eeek!

When I became frustrated several years ago about some of my own patterns of unworthiness rising up to the surface that I didn't feel like I understood, in meditation I began to receive 34 shadow energies that wanted to be joined together in a healing system to reflect me back to what was ready for healing and awareness.

This system is now known as the Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing System and is available in both a physical deck and now a digital mobile app.

This app gives you access to the whole Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck so you can shine a light on the shadows in a moment's notice with your mobile device in hand.

  • Pull an oracle card and see a reflection of what is asking for healing and awakening with yourself and/or clients
  • Save cards as "favorites" to return to for continued meditation and support.

If you resonate with the energy of shining a light in the dark spaces, this resource is a beautiful way to experience and deepen into these sacred places.

More exciting news? It's $3.99, which in numerology vibrates at the frequency of intuition and wholeness so your purchase can reflect you back to these qualities within if you allow it to.

To celebrate this app birth, I'm a offering a free group shadow reading to everyone who downloads the app this week and emails us with a pic of their first reading at

Is she a beauty or what!?



Click here to download on iTunes or Search "Keri Nola" in the App store


Click here to download on Android or Search "Keri Nola" on Google Play

Wishing you a beautiful journey as you deepen into this next opportunity to heal and awaken!

Remember to download now and email us with a pic of your first reading at to join us for a free group reading later this month :)

Gently down the app-loving stream,



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