Hello Beautiful Healer!

Another Monday arrives and the truth is that I didn’t really feel like writing this blog today.

I’ve had a relaxing weekend and the thought of turning on my computer and coming up with something to talk about just felt overwhelming and unappealing if I’m being honest with myself. (I’m not the only entrepreneur who dances with resistance, right!?)

But here you are reading this post from me so as you can see I’m either…

1) Forcing myself to write something even though I don’t feel like it because I’m “supposed to” or

2) The feeling passed and I’m feeling the flow of inspiration again.

Today it’s the latter. The feeling passed and I’m back in the flow of inspiration because I activated my Antidote to Resistance and I feel called to share it with you now in case you may choose to use it too.

I used to be in the habit of forcing myself to do all kinds of things that didn’t resonate with me, but now that I have discovered this antidote, I notice that my inspiration returns more easily and the days of intense resistance are fewer and farther between.

If you’re waiting for some major a-ha moment, you may or may not find it here as it’s really quite simple even though our ego might have us believe that it’s very complex. The interesting thing I’ve found is that resistance just wants to be acknowledged and given permission to be present and as soon as we enter the energy of permission, a space is created where resistance doesn’t have to intensify for fear of being overlooked or not appreciated.

I’m always fascinated that as I give myself permission to not do something, the desire to do it often returns if it is meant to be done. In a lot of ways, our resistance is similar to a rebellious teenager that just wants to not feel controlled and overpowered.

You see, I said that my weekend was relaxing and in a lot of ways it was, but what the resistance to writing today let me know is that my weekend was also intense as I danced with my reactions and feelings to the transition of leadership in the U.S. government. My resistance came to let me know that these feelings are important and they didn’t want to be buried underneath my “to-do” list and as soon as I acknowledged them, a door opened, the resistance lifted and I was led to share this topic with you today. 

It may sound like a miracle or magic and in many ways it is, but as I’ve said about many things before, this antidote of resistance can also be messy and awkward as we navigate our way through it.

So today I invite you to notice what you are resisting that may want to be acknowledged and given permission to be expressed another way.

I’d love to hear what you notice as you create this space for yourself; comment below.

Lastly, tomorrow I’ll be live on a webinar and I want to invite you to join me.

We’ll be diving deep into the world of Starting and Growing Groups in your practice with the Group Guru, Katie K May at 1pmEST on Tuesday January 24th. You can bring your questions, fears, and curiosities and we’ll hold them with you during this community conversation.

It seems like a topic that’s resonating with many as we already have over 100 therapists and healers signed up to join us so if you’d like support with experiencing abundance using groups, workshops or retreats in your practice.

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Here’s to leaning into the resistance as it whispers it’s wisdom.

Gently inward and onward,


Other magic this week…

A new cosmic forecast is live on the Galactic Vibrations podcast. Click here to come over for a listen. Fasten your seat belt…this one may bust your heart wide open if you allow it.


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