My 40th B-Day Confession...

As I roll into my 40th Birthday weekend, I have a confession I'd like to share with you.

While there was a time I would have felt embarrassed to say this to ANYBODY, today after years of clearing through layers and layers of trauma and programming that runs rampant in our culture and particularly in the world of healers, I am ready to shout it from the roof tops.

So picture me on top of a mountain yelling this...

Confession: I LOVE MAKING MONEY! I love making A LOT of money with a lot of heart and a little effort and lots of play and pleasure ;)

There I said it!

And I also love helping healers clear the stigma, guilt and shame they have about making money while helping their clients too.

I'd be a millionaire already if I cashed in every time a healer made a comment like...

  • "There's no money in healing."
  • "I don't do it for the money"
  • "I'm afraid to admit I want to make more money"
  • "I'll never get rich as a healer"
  • "I feel bad charging people for healing"

Any of these sound familiar?

With beliefs like this, no wonder so many of us struggle to make a living doing the work we love, huh!?

Admitting that we love making money as healers can feel pretty taboo and vulnerable at first, but behind the scenes as I mentor therapists and healers all over the world from the US, to Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and South Africa... let me tell you a little all tell me you have a desire to make more money sharing your products and services with the world.

So the good news is that you aren't alone in your "taboo" desire!

And today I'm here to invite you into a new world of possibility.

A world where you can feel liberated to celebrate your desire for abundance, pleasure and fulfillment as you share your healing gifts with your clients.

A world where you don't have to hide the fact that you'd like to work less and make more.

And a world where you actualize the highest vision you have for your life's purpose.

I want you to know that your desire to make money doesn't mean you also don't LOVE helping.

You can love BOTH without one canceling the other out.

And I want to show you how.

Since I love making money AND helping you, I was feeling into a win-win-win invitation for me AND you today in celebration of my 40th revolution around the sun.

If you're ready to upgrade your relationship with money, you've already tried many external strategies and/or you market and nothing happens so you're wildly frustrated and confused about the struggle to build your practice...

Then I've got something special for you.

Meet the Abundance Alchemy Experience.


My Abundance Alchemy Experience is my signature abundance upgrade program that is perfect for you if you are ready to heal your money wounds, upgrade your abundance, and activate your prosperity code so you can make a living through the healing work you came to the planet to provide. I more recently created this program to specifically and deeply address healers relationships with money. This is an interactive dive into all the money work that no one tells us has to be done before most of us can be prosperous entrepreneurs. This course shares the process I have and continue to use to keep my bank account and relationship with money healthy, expansive and connected.

  • Welcome a flow of abundance and easily give and receive in life, love and business.
  • Open to clarity of who you are and how you are called to serve so you become a magnet for clients you are here to support.
  • Activate confidence to step into the next expression of yourself and your purpose so you feel deeply fulfilled.

In this 4 week virtual program, we will:

  • Alchemize Illusions by identifying and transmuting outdated money stories so you can awaken to your wildly abundant nature.
  • Activate Abundance Rituals by discovering how to use tools so they work for you swiftly and easily as you create an opening for receiving and giving more.
  • Create Sacred Structures by initiating systems that allow you to enter an empowered state where you are ready to receive and support an infinite ebb and flow of abundance with ease.
  • Integrate Prosperity Codes by engaging in a mindful process of integration as the prosperity codes anchor in and begin to express with ease in your daily life, purpose and relationships.

I know you already know if this is right for you.

And now you're probably wondering the price...

Am I right?

Well let me get to it...

Other than my private sessions, which are just about full for the rest of the year, I have been using a Pay What You Choose payment structure for all of my offerings since Covid-19 began and I have been blown away by the reception of our community. My groups have filled faster than ever with the most READY and inspired healers and I've also made more money than ever from this model of selling and they are having such gorgeous successes.

So for my birthday weekend, I'm offering you admission into the self-paced, immediate lifetime access, Abundance Alchemy Experience at a Pay What You Choose Frequency (it is typically $333 at full price).

Sweet, right!?

You will get to choose the price tier that honors where you are right now from $40-$333

If the minimum is what will stretch you, then meet yourself there.

If you're feeling abundant and you can afford to invest more, then I trust you will choose that.

I am ready to welcome the next group of READY healers to upgrade abundance with me.

I want this investment to STRECH you, but not break you.

Let's do this, together!

Click Here to Upgrade Your Abundance With Me

This offer will expire on Sunday, May 31st at 11:59pmPST.

I love knowing that money in my bank account means more healers getting the support that they need.

And I want you to know that money in YOUR bank account can be a sign of all the people you have supported too and I'm be honored to help you make this upgrade if you're feeling the call to join us.

Big abundance hugs!


P.S. If you want more personalized support through 1-1 mentorship, I have 1 spot left on my coaching schedule for July-December. Click Here to apply for us to play.


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