More Joy, Ease, and Magic

Welcome to a new week, powerful Light Being...

Ever since the new moon eclipse last week, I'm noticing greater ease in connecting with myself and others.
Did you notice that as we moved through that sacred passageway, we closed doors that were ready to close and we began walking toward doors that are ready to open?
In moments, this has felt expansive and invigorating and in others it's felt scary and constricting as it's such new and unfamiliar territory.
Those of us who came here to lead us into love based consciousness (that's YOU!) are especially being asked to expand in significant ways right now.
There's an illusion around times of expansion that says we have to be focused and we can't play until we get our "work" done.
And while parts of me have fallen for this story (like REALLY fallen for it!), right now I'm exploring what happens when I live for PLAY and allow this energy to fuel my creative energy and focus.
Is that even possible!?

I'm waking up to the Truth that it is absolutely possible...not only possible but like super probable that when I give myself permission to play it activates the frequencies of ease, joy, and creativity in ways that connect me even more deeply to my purpose and my passion and when I return to "work," magic is born even more swiftly and easily.
I want more of that for us!
Ease, joy, creativity, passion, magic...
We deserve that.
We've been working so HARD. Now it's time to birth from ease.
This doesn't mean it won't be messy or scary sometimes, but it means we can find the joy and ease amidst the mess.

Do you ever forget to play?

Today I have an invitation...
Will you RSVP to more play in your life today?
Whatever wakes up joy in you...give yourself permission to say YES to more of that.
Comment and let me know how you're playing today. I'd love to honor it with you!
Gently down the PLAYING stream,


P.S. Want to play with me? I've just updated the site with some new offerings to support you. Click here to come see what opportunities resonate and reach out to connect so we can walk together. We don't have to do this time by ourselves.


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