The Awakened Healer Show: Episode 3- Mature Manifestation Methods for Awakened Healers

Hello Beautifully Awakened Healers,

I am beyond delighted to share this month's episode of the Awakened Healer Show with you! Manifestation is such a "hot" topic and it has many nuances and layers that are often left out of the conversation that I feel called to illuminate and I couldn't think of a better guest to help me do that than my bestie and biz partner, Lloyd Burnett (our favorite Business Shaman and Coach!)

In this episode we take a deep dive into the journey of bringing your desires into form as we move beyond unconscious manifestation into mature manifestation methods. If you've ever gotten frustrated with the cliche "ask, believe, receive" model of manifesting or wondered why some of your intentions take longer to make their way into physical reality than others, then this conversation may just help you deepen into a more empowered understanding of the process.

Oh and you will also get to hear the story of me and Lloyd's first public appearance, how my Dad described his experience of us and how that is still true today nearly 8 years later :)

I invite you to pause, breathe and hit play to receive this transmission.

Then comment below and let us know what resonated and what you'll be doing to upgrade your manifestation practice after listening.


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