Legally Protect Your Therapy Practice with Love

My palms were sweaty.

My stomach was in knots.

My head was pounding and I had a million “what if” scenarios swirling around in my mind as I contemplated all of the legal steps I didn’t know if I had in the “right” place to protect my practice, my website, and ultimately my livelihood.

Several years ago, this was me leaving a legal and ethics workshop. I went hoping to bring some peace to my worries and doubts and ended up leaving even more terrified than when I arrived.

Maybe you can relate to the fear and uncertainty around the legal measures necessary to protect your practice?

If so, continue reading about my journey.

When I first started my practice I couldn’t imagine being able to afford an attorney to review my client forms or file my LLC paperwork and to write the terms and conditions and disclaimer for my website, blog or social media platforms. I knew I needed some of these things in place, but I didn’t know which should take precedence or priority and I certainly never felt fully secure knowing that I could relax into doing my work without the constant fear of being sued. My forms were a mix mosh of colleagues and supervisors’ documents along with some things I found on the internet and my website terms and conditions well those were optional, right? Oops! It was like a big guessing game from the get go and I knew this wasleaving me vulnerable without the necessary protections that legal documents can offer.

Over the years I did decide to invest in forms that were written and reviewed by an attorney, but the truth was I still didn’t feel like I could fully relax into my work and be the full essence of who I was. I was still being driven by my fear based perspective having never connected with any legal resources that felt heart centered or soul based.

Fast forward to 2012 when I met, Lisa Fraley, my current attorney and legal coach. Lisa isn’t your “typical” attorney. When I met with her for our first consultation, within the first 15 minutes she used the words “sacred container” to describe legal documents/contracts and associated those same “sacred containers” with supporting each of my “chakras” (aka spiritual energy centers). Oh the mind blowing didn’t stop there, she then went on to ask me about my fears and helped me to hold space for the ways these very fears had often paralyzed me from taking legal measures in my business or on the other hand to “over protect” and lose my humanity in practice. 

It was in this conversation that I fell in love with Lisa and I’m happy to say that today we’re exclusiveand she’s the only lawyer I call when I find my fear creeping in and I need someone to witness and support my next legal steps.

As I talk to more and more healers, I realize that I’m not the only one who has spent so much time in fear of legal issues in my practice. That’s when I called Lisa and asked her if she’d be willing to join us for a free virtual training to empower you with so much of the same wisdom and support she’s given me and I’m thrilled to say, she agreed!

Join Us For This Free Training on How to Legally Protect Your Practice With Love If…

  • You Have Ever Felt Scared or Confused About the Legal Tools You Need In Place to Protect Your Practice
  • You Have Ever Questioned the Legal Steps You Need to Take When It Comes to Your Website, Documents and Forms 
  • You Are Ready for Clarity Around Legal Details That Support Your Practice So You Can Do the Work You Love Without the Constant Fear of Being Sued


During This Free Training, You Will Discover…

  • Exactly What Legal Protections You Need in Place to Support Your Practice’s Website, Blog and Social Media Platforms
  • The #1 Reason Getting Legally Enlightened Will Support the Growth of Your Practice
  • How to Balance Your Legal Fears With Truthful, Loving Legal Perspective So You Don’t Interfere With the Expansion of Your Soul’s Mission and Work 

If you’re ready to empower yourself with loving legal protections, I’d be honored to support you with this free training…

Click here to download and watch free now


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