As a healer, I have often felt uncomfortable with the energy of “selling” my products and services.

I consider the work I do as such a sacred and intimate process of relating and connecting that it feels strange to imagine “selling” it like one might sell a car or a pair of shoes. At the beginning of opening my practice many moons ago, I had this idea that I had to develop a skill that I didn’t have and/or didn’t want to have if I was going to be “successful” as an entrepreneur.

In order to welcome abundance into my reality doing the work I love, I’ve spent years dancing with this dilemma of selling and becoming deeply connected to a perspective that honors the work I do and the souls I am here to support.

What I’ve discovered is this…

  • “Selling” is actually a sacred invitation.
  • I already have the skills I need to “sell.”
  • Refusing to “sell” can be a form of self abandonment and harm.

“Selling” is actually a sacred invitation because people always have a right to choose whether or not they feel a resonation with RSVP’ing to my offer. It is a gentle and loving door opening as I see another’s pain and let them know I am willing to hold it with them should they choose to accept.

I already have the skills I need to “sell” because I know how to listen for what people want, need, and are ready for and if that is aligned with what I offer, I can reflect that back to them just like I do in building rapport and reflecting meaning when I’m holding space for healing. Same skill, different application…like magic!

Refusing to “sell” can be a form of self abandonment and harm because I came here with a gift, a purpose, and a reason and when I don’t give myself permission to express and share it with others, I am not honoring myself and that is a painful reality that disconnects me from myself.

What occurs to me is that when we invite people to work with us, we awaken the fears and doubts we have about whether our offering is enough…whether WE are enough.

What if we create stories about selling being icky to distract us from the pain of feeling we are unworthy of doing the work we came here to do?

What if we pause and bring presence and love to parts of us that feel doubtful of our enoughness?

What if we allowed our light to shine and we invited the souls we’re here to support into our offerings with an open heart?

I’m sitting in these questions with you and would love to hear your reflections as you sit in sacred space with them too.

Thank you for the ways you continue to show up for yourself and the work you’re here to do.

Gently onward,


P.S. We’ve picked a date for Healer’s Retreat 2017 in San Diego-October 20-22, 2017 and the interest list is now open!  If you’d like to hold space with other healers for support in 2017, Click here to be added and I’ll let you know as plans unfold.


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