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Last week I was working on a science project with my 6 year old niece and when the first round of the experiment didn't go as expected, she looked at me and said, "well, Auntie, that was a flop!" We both burst into laughter and continued onto round two. As I reflected back on the moment, I remembered the playfulness and freedom of trying again and it got me thinking about how I handle flops in my business.

You know those moments where you hope or anticipate things will go one way and then they end up going another?

Being an entrepreneur is so much about the art of giving ourselves permission to bring the offerings of our services, products and experiences to life and my goodness is it a vulnerable journey or what!? It strikes the chords of our worthiness daily and often brings us to our knees in fear and gratitude.

Recently I had an idea rise up in me for a new offering. I felt so deeply aligned and connected with it and thought for sure that it would sell out the minute I shared it with the world.

To my surprise though when I introduced it, there were crickets.

No purchases.

No interest.


I sat there baffled at what could have happened and after dancing with my feelings of fear and self doubt for a little while, I scooped myself up and returned to what I know this journey is really about.

Curiosity, self love, and growth.

I'd now like to share with you a few questions I ask myself when it feels like something "flops" in my business: 

  • Am I feeling connected to this offering?

If I lean in and this answer is a yes then I move onto the next question. If I find any resistance or notice any parts of me with doubt then I pause here and spend some time finding out what this resistance or fear wants me to know before moving forward. In the case of this particular offering, my answer was a yes as I found myself deeply connected to it so I moved on to the next question to find more information.

  • Why is it important that this offering not come to fruition as I intended right now?

The answer to this question helps reflect me back to information that may be in my blind spot that can help me understand the unfolding that is happening. In this case, I heard that it's important it not come to fruition yet because there was a piece missing that is important to honor the sacredness of the offering. Once I woke up to this information, I could feel an energy of expansion and as soon as I put this missing piece into place, the offering sold out within 48 hours.

This is the magic of self-inquiry.

When we lift the veil of illusion and give ourselves permission to see more pieces of the puzzle, we can flip our flop and realize that the universe wasn't trying to punish us, but rather to get our attention to an important reality that we may have otherwise missed.

The universe is always reflecting us back to ourselves.

When something doesn't work out as planned, a willingness to get curious about the deeper meaning being reflected back to us creates an energy of growth that allows us to expand with greater ease.

While the turn around times or outcomes to "flops" aren't always as quick as this one, I do find that the more deeply I get into relationship with myself, the more peacefully and easily I'm able to understand and shift my experience.

Now over to you...

Can you think of something that didn't work out as you had hoped in your practice recently?

When you're ready, give yourself permission to use these questions to help you journey into another layer of Truth ready to reveal itself to you.

I'd love to hear your reflections if you feel called to comment below and share any with me!

There's a lot of magic going on this week, feel free to peek below and click on what resonates with you.

Gently down the flip, flopping stream,


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