Hello 2017, Goodbye to Playing it Safe

Happy New Year!

As we transition into a new cycle, I am feeling a call to bare yet another layer of myself and reveal a deeper Truth of who I am.

Today will be a turning point for us and as you read this blog, I invite you to lean into whether it resonates with you to join me moving forward. 

The theme that revealed itself to me for 2017 is DEPTH. As I lean into this word, I hear that it is a sacred invitation to go deeper within to unravel aspects of myself and my work at new and more expansive levels. It’s time to get curious about where I’ve gotten comfortable floating on the surface and hiding behind masks that keep my light dim and my voice quiet. It’s time to release another layer of blending in and give myself permission to stand out. #Yikes!

After birthing Galactic Vibrations, a new branch of my business partnership with weekly cosmic forecasts and sacred shopping, I realized that one of the ways I’ve played it safe in our relationship is to censor the depth of how I allow my spiritual and intuitive consciousness to show up. I realize that in many ways I have been cushioning my intuitive perspective and approach to healing and business in a way that a part of me has decided will be digestible to the masses and it’s become exhausting to hide in this way.

Maybe you are familiar with the exhaustion of hiding too? I’m realizing it’s a universal theme #WeAreAllConnected

Well, today I’m creating more space for my heart to show up with you.

The Truth is that if I feel lost with a client or stuck in my business, I don’t call on what we would traditionally think of as a supervisor or consultant, I call on my oracle cards, my astrologer, my energy healer or one of my many psychic friends. I set a crystal grid, meditate, and journal because I know that it’s all energy and soul-utions are found in my heart space, not in my head and blocks are released at a different frequency than the dimension they were created in. #MyTruth

The Truth is that when my practice is experiencing an ebb, I don’t blame the time of year or the economy, I go within and get curious about how I have disconnected from my practice and discover how it is reflecting this back to me in the reality that is showing up because I know I am co-creating my reality, it isn’t happening to me. #UnpopularTruth

The Truth is that when I support healers as they birth their practice visions to life, I don’t tell them what to do, I hold a sacred space for them to connect with the part of themselves that is wise beyond measure and knows exactly what step is in resonation with their calling. #TrustTheProcess

This may not be new news for you. I realize that I haven’t been “hiding” as much as parts of me would like to think #oopsLOL

Depending on how you found your way to me, you may have already met these parts of me and felt called here for that reason, but for those who haven’t, it feels important to clarify.

Moving forward I’m giving myself permission to speak freely without a filter of fear and trusting that you will take care of yourself and honor your inner knowing about what feels right for you. I realize that this isn’t the only way or even the right way to approach life and business, but the Truth is that it is my way. If you are feeling a resonation to continue our journey together, I invite you to stay in our community and stay tuned for more intuitive magic. If this isn’t what you signed up for and you want out, I honor your departure from visiting the site.

Moving forward my offerings will be more soul-filled, intuitive, and holistic–practice building for healers who are ready to deepen into a world beyond what we can physically see and hear when we are ready to return to the well of wisdom within and stand in our creative power.

I’m talking intuitive business mentorship, shadow card readings, energy work and teachings/events that help us remember that we are spiritual beings having human experiences and there is a whole world of energy supporting us that we can consciously tune into to access and activate our power and purpose.

I use these resources to guide me in my life and two businesses everyday and it is a breath of fresh air to give myself permission to share them with you in new and more transparent ways.

This year I’ll also be re-branding my website so it will be a more honest reflection of me and my work and I look forward to revealing that to you soon.

This is about you too.

Comment below

Let us know how you are moving forward this year and what parts of you want to reveal themselves more deeply?

I can’t wait to see what reveals itself in this space we’re co-creating!

Speaking of intuitive resources, the first cosmic forecast of the year is live today AND its also the Grand Opening of the Galactic Vibrations store this week and we’re featuring a beautiful amethyst necklace that supports awakening intuition.

Click here to come play in the galactic energies with us!

Now to nurture my vulnerability hang over.

Wishing you infinite peace, love, and joy this year as you follow your heart into 2017!

Gently down the new year stream,



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