The Awakened Healer Show: Episode 7-Goals Vs Intentions for a New Year

Hi Awakened Healers!

Talking about goals versus intentions just delights me! While there is nothing inherently wrong with goals, they do tend to hold a frequency that attaches to a bit of pass or fail energy that can feel limiting. Intentions on the other hand tend to move us in a particular direction while having less attachment to a specific outcome and can therefore be more expansive in nature.

Moving through the creative process in an expanded way helps keep us open and available for infinite possibilities, which is a beautiful way to dance with our journey of bringing our visions to life.

In this episode of The Awakened Healer Show I dive into some rituals and perspectives on options for ringing in the new year in a way that expands instead of contracts you. Listen below and comment to let me know your new year intentions!





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