Following to Find YOU

A conversation I’ve been having with healers lately is…

Are we following the work of others with the intention of supporting ourselves or reinforcing our illusion of not-enoughness?

I’m waking up more and more to the reality that there is a fine line between “following” people and allowing others to reflect me back to my Truth and inner wisdom.

One path has an energy of abandoning myself with the belief that someone has something I’m missing and if I don’t get it from them quickly I will be lost forever and the other has an energy of self love and remembering that I have all I need within and I can gently allow it to awaken in the presence of others.

I’ve recently done a major “housecleaning” and gotten really clear about who I “follow” out of a belief they have something I’m missing and who I follow as a mirror to help me see aspects of myself I am ready to meet and heal. Neither has anything to do with the other person but rather both involve my perception and the energy I sense from another’s offerings and my internal dialogue about it.

I’ve noticed as I have cleaned up my social media feeds and unsubscribed from countless email lists, I am waking up more and more to who I am and how my healing gifts are meant to express themselves. It’s like in the absence of seeing other people’s ways, I am giving myself permission to find my own.

Our beautiful egos are sneaky little things you know. They try to help us fit in and survive by convincing us that there is a “right” way to be and do and live and they often make that up based on what they see from others. The thing is though that the way others be, do and live may be right for them but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for us.

As we build our practices and allow our work to evolve in the world, we will be invited into the world of “not-enoughness” over and over again.

We will hear about the MUST HAVE 12 step process to have our dream practice, the SECRET formula we’re missing that will get our calendars full, and the EPIC strategy to solve all of our practice building problems.

While these can sound very enticing to our ego selves that are afraid of missing something, our soul knows the way when we are willing to listen.

In the vulnerable process of getting to know ourselves, we are so often invited to pause the external noise and tune into the whisper within.

Notice what your inner voice is saying.

Are you “following” out of an energy or self abandonment or self love?

Same behavior, different energy and intention. The body knows. The heart knows.

Pause, breathe and notice.

I hold a deep knowing that you have all you need within you and anything you choose to experience from me is an opportunity to wake you up to your wisdom.

I’m honored that you were called to visit the blog today.

Gently down the following stream,



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