Episode 9: Discerning Connection During the Election

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that we’re in the midst of an intense collective transition in many ways right now. As sensitive beings, we can be feeling this intensity emotionally, physically, mentally and otherwise so self care and discernment of what and who you’re giving attention to may be required even more than you’re usually used to.

Some of the questions I’ve been hearing a lot relate to how we honor ourselves and our truth, advocating for what we feel/sense/know is “right” while others feel differently. What boundaries are necessary/helpful? Do we end relationships? Do we listen to them? How can I be compassionate to myself AND others? I don’t have the bandwidth to hold space for people I don’t agree with as much right now, is this ok?

In this episode of Healing with Keri and Lloyd we touch the tip of the iceberg and explore ways you can discern who and what to offer your attention to as you navigate these election vibes.

I invite you to take a breath and dive into this conversation below with an open heart so you can find your truth and honor it lovingly.





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