Episode 2: Racism Recovery with April Dawn Harter, LCSW

Dearest Healer,

This episode of Healing with Keri & Lloyd is very dear to my heart and I am delighted to share it with you and introduce you to our special guest, April Dawn Harter, LCSW, Founder of the Narcissism Recovery Center.

When I first came across April's work on Instagram, it felt like I was home. Her work is controversial because she’s introducing an upgraded path and perspective on a very important conversation of our time. I have been touched by what I experience as April’s courage, integrity and coherence to share with us a meaningful way to heal the root of our racism that transcends the behavioral approaches that aren’t the most sustainable route too long term healing.

I invite you to take a breath and listen to this sacred episode with an open heart and a curious mind and comment below to let us know what insights you had as you listened.

Find April on IG @narcissismrecoverycenter

Visit her website at https://www.narcissismrecoverycenter.com/about


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