Episode 15: Gratitude Practice for 2021

I'm sure you're no stranger to gratitude as a resource in your life.

Gratitude can be a beautifully sacred practice to help create a cushion of comfort to land on especially when times are tough. And whew have we each had our share of vulnerable moments this year, huh?

I'll be honest with you though...I've never been a fan of the superficial "fluff" gratitude that attempts to pretend or fake our way to feeling grateful when we actually don't--Ick!

It's not about spraying febreeze on a pile of crap and pretending all is well, but rather noticing the flower blossoming next to the crap and letting yourself feel BOTH simultaneously. 

In this episode me and Lloyd dive into our perspective on gratitude and hope that it supports you in cultivating a meaningful practice as you transition into a new year.

Listen below and comment to let us know what you're grateful for!



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