Episode 12: The Responsibility of Facilitating Groups

I have been facilitating group, workshop and retreat spaces for over 25 years. Yes, I started when I was a toddler ;) No that’s not true, but seriously I started when I was in my teens and with every one the group experience has become nearer and dearer to my heart.

But with the choice to facilitate a group comes great responsibility for holding the energy of the space, mindfully setting intentions and boundaries and taking care of each member in a meaningful way.

In the last 9 years me and Lloyd have facilitated 15 retreats together and we’ve learned a lot about the good, bad and ugly. In this episode of Healing with Keri and Lloyd we share with you how we navigate before, during and after groups/retreats to help you feel more confident in your clarity of whether you’d like to hold space in this beautiful way.

Listen below and let us know your biggest takeaway from today’s episode!





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