Episode 10: Take Your Brave Bold Action

Taking brave, bold actions in life and business can be equal parts exhilarating and terrifying! You’re probably reading this today because you’re a healer who doesn’t just follow the status quo. Maybe you have adjusted a healing modality to fit your unique essence or maybe you’ve created your own way of healing or maybe you just have ideas and perspectives that aren’t the “norm”-wherever you land, the world needs what you have and without the courage to take your brave, bold actions, the world misses out.

In this episode of Healing with Keri and Lloyd, we share some of our own experiences of feeling vulnerable and giving ourselves permission to pave an often unpaved path so that our work can get into the world. We also offer some encouragement and cheerleading for you to do the same. Listen below and let us know what brave, bold action you have or will be taking!



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