Episode 1: Using Intuition to Upgrade Relatioships

We're back!

It's taken about a year, but the inspiration has struck and me and my business partner and bestie, Lloyd Burnett are ready to hit the podcast airwaves once again with some healing magic for you.

This time we're merging business with life and supporting you in upgrading your perspectives on healing, humanity, purpose and more!

As healers we're often the ones holding space for others and it's our deepest intention to be a soft place for you to land and feel nourished in your mind, body and soul.

In this inaugural episode of the Healing with Keri & Lloyd podcast we dive into how we have learned how to use intuition to upgrade our relationship and we hope it inspires you to awaken your inner gifts more fully too.

So grab your journal, a cup of tea and cozy up with us as hit play below and journey behind the scenes of some of our personal stories of transformation...

Love, Keri


Would you like Keri's eyes, ears, and heart on your healing practice to upgrade your abundance and client attraction?

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