Hello  Beautiful  Healer  Soul!

Today I’d like to connect about a topic that doesn’t seem to have the fondest reputation. Actually I’ve noticed myself and many others cringing as this energy rises up for compassionate witnessing and we tend to tuck it away, ashamed of it’s mere existence, fearing that it may mean something unfavorable about ourselves.

I’m talking about the energy of jealousy.

I invite you to pause here for a moment.


What words, feelings, sensations, and thoughts show up for you as you tune into it?

Have you created a space where the parts of you on the giving and/or receiving end can be held and supported?

Before entrepreneurship, I met the energy of jealousy in personal relationships when I feared that someone or something I loved may be “taken” from me. The parts of me who felt their worth was dependent on people staying or acting in a particular way made basically any human being a potential threat to me and my worthiness. Eeek! Still breathing through the residual grief from these moments.

As I journeyed into entrepreneurship, jealousy began to emerge in spaces and places that my conscious mind couldn’t always understand.

The energy of jealousy joined me…

In moments when a colleague is celebrating a business accomplishment and I really want to join them, but instead feel this tightness in my belly and chest that makes it hard to stay present with their joy.

In that moment when I discover someone else’s email list is bigger than mine or they’re filling their offerings more quickly or more abundantly than I am and…


In moments when I see someone launching an idea that I have too. Shoot! Is it too late for my idea?

Any of this sound familiar to any part of you? 

Here’s what I’ve realized.

Jealousy is incredibly human and more than that it is actually a key to help us clarify our visions and desires.

Wait, what!? A key!?

I know this isn’t a very popular thought, but join me in this possibility.

What if jealousy shows up not because we are bad people who can’t be happy for other human beings, but instead as an illuminator of a place where we have forgotten our completeness and began giving our power away to external circumstances?

I discovered that jealousy often shows up in business when we notice others giving themselves a permission we are refusing ourselves and in this moment of awareness we can unlock our power and heal the wound keeping us from surrendering to receive what we believe we are lacking.

So next time the energy of jealousy joins you on your entrepreneurial journey, I wonder what it would be like to notice what you see someone giving themselves permission for that you are withholding from yourself?

On the flip side, if you sense you are on the receiving end of a colleague in the energy of jealousy, what would it be like to pause and remember what it feels like to be in this place and support the part of you that believes this is about you?

Below is the Jealousy shadow image from my Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing System. It is energetically encoded to support the healing of this shadow at the cellular level so you may choose to receive it’s support by gazing at it and see what you notice. It is red because this energy originates and heals in the root chakra where we reclaim our right to be here in physical form at this present time.

A healing mantra that you may choose to work with around the shadow of jealousy is: I am worthy of infinite receiving, therefore I allow myself to receive.

To deepen into the shadow energies playing out in your relationships, body, and business, you’re welcome to come on over and explore the Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and healing system plus download a free reading here. The physical deck is available now and the App will be released on iTunes and Android in the next few weeks plus I’ll be sharing some new shadow offerings soon!

I’m inhaling and exhaling with you as we dance with this healing.

Comment below and let me know how you’re honoring your jealousy this week.

Gently inward and onward,


More magic this week…

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