Cultivating Peace in Vulnerable Times

We are in a time of deep healing and a lot is being asked of us as healers.

With the recent election in the U.S., regardless of our beliefs (all of which matter), a light has been shone for us to see more deeply into the collective consciousness of our humanity and it occurs to me that this is very sacred information as we can only heal what we can see.

Today I invite us to begin within. As we honor what is arising in us, we meet our wounding ready for our presence and attention.

Grief, I see you, I am here.
Fear, I see you, I am here.
Love, I see you, I am here.
Anger, I see you, I am here.
Joy, I see you, I am here.

As lightworkers, we are being called to hold ourselves dearly so we are prepared to hold space with others.

May we sit with ourselves as we sit with a small, precious child. May we be a cushion of compassion for ourselves to land on as we feel and heal.

May we hold space for others to be where they are and remember that we’re all doing the best we can (even when our ego believes otherwise).

May we each continue to stay present to compassionately interacting with ourselves because that is the starting place of compassionately interacting with one another.

Today we are being supported by the largest, brightest, and closest full moon we’ve had in close to 70 years! I am comforted by the ways mother nature is supporting us in illuminating all that we are ready to see and heal.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Sending you love as you move gently down the stream at this vulnerable time.


P.S. The Healer’s Retreat interest list is now open. If you’d like to hold space with other healers for support in 2017, Click here to be added and I’ll let you know as plans unfold.

P.P.S. If you’d like to watch today’s Intuitive Full Moon Shadow Reading, click here.


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