Chakra Healing Magic: A Practical Approach to Intuition in Clinical Practice

While intuition plays a significant role in my work today. I didn’t always realize that was the case.

Sometimes intuition can feel like such an “airy fairy” topic, don’t you think?

The parts of me that value the intellect have never been fond of thinking we had to abandon our logic to tap into the spiritual realm for guidance. These doubts often kept me from fully leaning into the exploration of my intuition in practice.

The good news is that over the years, I’ve discovered that intuition isn’t an abandonment of the intellect, but rather a balancing of both gifts.

What a relief!

Have you ever struggled to fully embrace your intuition in the role of your healing work?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with the thought of having to sell out on logic to lean into your intuitive side?

Does working intuitively ever overwhelm you and leave you feeling drained or burnt out?

If any of this sounds like you, to explore this topic more, I’ve teamed up with my friend, Alexis Saloutos, founder of for a new webinar: Chakra Healing MagicA Practical Approach to Intuition in Practice

This Webinar is For You If:

  • You Ever Experience Taking On the Energy of Your Clients and Feel Overwhelmed, Drained, or Burnt Out
  • You Are Ready to Integrate Intuitive Work Into Your Practice
  • You Are Interested in Tools to Support Your In Person or Virtual Healing Practice

During This Webinar You Will Discover:

  • The Easiest Way to Simultaneously Honor the Intellect AND Intuition
  • Simple Steps to Identify and Prioritize Energetic Imbalances in Yourself and Clients
  • The Best Way to Stop Jumping Into Your Client’s Energy and How to Stay Present and Grounded in Your Own With Ease

I’d love to support you in deepening your relationship with energy and intuition in practice.

Click Here to Download and Watch Free Now


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