Boundaries in Practice Building

Today I’m inviting us into a conversation about the vulnerability of boundaries in our business.

Will you join me in this sacred exploration?

I know as therapists and healers we often explore boundaries in terms of client relationships and ethics, but today I’d like to take another angle and share a story with you about the way I practiced boundary setting in the business aspect of my work last week and what I noticed as a result of taking this vulnerable step.

For the last year or so I’ve had a growing sense that I’ve outgrown my website. While the energy and words are aligned with how me and my work are evolving, the visual imagery still feels rooted in the space I was in when I created it a few years ago and I’ve been leaning into how this wants to evolve to meet me where I am now.

One of the visions that rose up in me as I sat with this exploration is that my site wants new photos that depict a raw-er and more vulnerable side of me. #Yikes Cue the tummy flutters, please!

As I sat with my fear of having a less “professional” headshot and giving myself permission to reveal a deeper part of myself on the inter-webs, I simultaneously began to call in a photographer that could hold space for a sacred shoot and capture this side of me on camera.

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to see that a photographer I’ve followed for some time was offering a black friday deal so I took the leap and bought the package and began preparing myself for the shoot. Then we scheduled time to talk about the vision for the shoot and when we got on the phone, I was surprised and saddened to discover that we had zero chemistry. As I shared the sacredness of my work, I didn’t feel that the photographer was able to see or feel into my vision and share ideas that communicated that she was able to support me in bringing my intention to life. In the moment I didn’t give myself permission to cancel, but I knew I wanted to sit with myself and see what was being stirred.

As the day went on, every time I thought about the conversation and the shoot, I felt a heaviness in my chest and an emptiness in my belly and I knew I couldn’t move forward.

But I paid for it.

But she said it is non-refundable.

But I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

But maybe it will feel better once we’re there.

But, but but…all the internal dialogue began as I considered giving myself permission to change my mind about the shoot, set a boundary and say “no, thank you.”

After much self compassion and nurturing, I decided to cancel the shoot and share my truth about the lack of chemistry. The photographer was wonderfully generous and refunded my money and wished me well.

Then within an hour, I was connected with another photography who specializes in what they call “photo-therapy” where they capture the raw and vulnerable moments of humanity on camera as they hold space for people to get in touch with the depth of who they are.

The energy was completely different. I felt seen. I felt heard. I felt a deep connection and chemistry that opened my heart and brought back my excitement for this journey.

I can’t wait to show you the outcome next month, but in the mean time I want to invite you to notice what boundaries are being asked to be set in your business to honor you and your vision?

We are entering a mercury retrograde cycle shortly, which is a beautiful time for reflection and review.

What is it time to stop?

What is it time to start?

What is it time to continue?

Boundaries are a sacred way to welcome expansion into our reality. When we say no to what doesn’t honor us, we create space for what does and when we say yes to what does honor us we tune to a frequency of joy that allows for more truth to be revealed.

I’d love to hear about your boundaries.

Comment and let me know what you’re feeling called to stop, start, and continue as we wrap up 2016 and prepare to enter the year of actualization.

Gently down the boundary setting stream,


Here’s what’s coming up…

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