Behind the Scenes of Practice Building with Allison Puryear

 There’s a lot of talk about the process of building a practice.

We often hear and tell our “success” stories, the abundance, the joy of living our dreams (yay!)

We  sometimes hear and share about our “failures”, the how it didn’t work, the not enough resources to see the dream through.

What about the “messy middle” though?

What does it look and feel like in that space in between when we’re waking up each day wading through the sometimes murky waters of bringing our visions to life?

I talk to several healers each week; all of whom courageously allow me behind the scenes of their practice building journey with them. I can tell you that the themes of our conversations are always the same…

Am I enough?

Does my work matter?

Can my dream of serving through my practice become a reality?

While I can’t answer these questions for you because those answers are at home within the space of your Truth, I do want to open a conversation around how we can be more honest with ourselves  (and as a result, each other) about the raw truth of what it takes to dance with the birthing of our soul missions.

This blog and video below were inspired by a recent conversation I had with a fellow practice building coach, Allison Puryear from and I’m excited to share it with you.

Watch Below Now

Tell us in the comments what's your vulnerable practice building Truth?

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