Hello Awakening Healer!

I write this before heading to the beach for the first ever Shadow Guide Immersion experience working with the energies of my Messages From Shadow Oracle Deck and Healing System with 8 healers for 5 days. This intimate retreat sold out so quickly with those in my soul circle that I never had a chance to talk about it publicly, but if you feel a resonation with this opportunity, stay tuned for more offerings in the months to come as there is more on the way!

Before I traveled to the immersion, I felt called to explore a topic today that has woken up a lot of awareness in me over the years.

I invite you to breathe into this question and notice what awakens in you for presence and attention.

Do you request feedback about your practice from a space of power or permission?

Pause, breathe and notice.

Let’s lean into this a little more…

How often do we allow ourselves to be seduced by popular consciousness and buy into the idea that we need others’ opinions and approval or permission before we know if something is worthy of coming to life–our website, our logo, our new product or service, etc?

When we seek feedback from a space of fearing our unworthiness, we begin to seek permission, validation and approval and unconsiously make others responsible for the birth of our offerings. We give away our power, abandon our own inner knowing and shrink, disconnecting from the very essence of the Truth of that which wants to come to life. This holds a frequency of Codependent Feedback…’I need you to like and approve of this so I know I am enough and that my offering is worthy of being.”

When we seek feedback from a space of power, we give ourselves permission and validation and consciously take responsibility for the birth of our offerings. We stand in our power, welcome reflections from others so we can see ourselves more fully and completely in our enoughness and we connect to the very essence of the Truth of that which wants to come to life. This holds the frequency of Awakened Feedback…”I know I am enough and that my offering is worthy of being regardless of your Truth and I allow your reflections to invite me back to my own inner knowing.”

How do you ask for feedback about your practice?

As I play in a variety of online communities, I often see requests for feedback like…

  • Can you tell me what you think of my website?
  • Do you like my logo?
  • How’s my online profile directory?

The energy of these questions can welcome a lot of opinions and be a set up for disconnecting from our own inner knowing. Remember that people answer these questions from their own preferences and experiences, not necessarily from a space of what is best aligned with you and the frequency of your soul work.

Before asking anyone about your business, I invite you to first ask yourself…

  • How connected do I feel to my website?
  • How authentically does my logo express my work?
  • How do I feel about the energy of my online profile directory?

Surrender to the Truths that rise up in you as you connect to your answers. Your own heart always knows the way if you’re willing to pause and hear it.

I’m going to go out on an unpopular limb here and invite you to consider that how you feel about your businessand anything expressing or introducing it to the world is the most powerful force for connection or disconnection to your clients.

Now after you’ve asked yourself these questions, welcoming support from others from a space of conscious presence can certainly be helpful.

When asking others for support, here are a few ways I have found help me stay connected to myself while allowing others’ reflections in an awakened way…

  • What does my website wake up in you as you visit?
  • Does my logo, copy/content, or offering resonate with how you experience me?
  • Does anything about this image, copy/content, or offering register as incongruent or out of alignment with how you experience me/my work/ or my energy?
  • What changes are you sensing that you imagine would help me realign with myself in this image, copy/content, or offering?


Can you feel the shift of energy in this set of questions from the ones above?

For me, it invites me to see myself more deeply through the mirror of others and I can use their reflections as a doorway to reconnect with myself. There is so much more to explore with this topic, but for today I’m going to pause here.

I’d love to hear what this exploration is waking up in you.

Comment below with your reflections.

Gently down the feedback stream,


More magic this week…

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P.P.P.S. A new cosmic forecast is live today. Click here to tune into the Galactic Vibration and reconnect with the energies available to support and awaken us this week.


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