Awaken Your Wise Woman Podcast Episode 3: Shining A Light On Your Dark Side with Keri Nola

The “darkness” often gets demonized, but truly it is where some of the most precious gems are hiding.

It embodies the great mystery of life and is deeply worthy of being illuminated to harness it’s potent medicine.

When alchemized all that has been unseen and unintegrated has a chance to dissolve and/or to come into wholeness and complete a picture that has had missing pieces.

This can resolve bothersome symptoms and confusing relationship patterns and also empower us to step into more expressed and potent aspects of ourselves.

I dive into this precious exploration with Biz Cush on this episode of The Awaken Your Wise Woman podcast. Have a listen and find what gems may be hiding in your dark spaces.


 About the Awaken Your Wise Woman Podcast

Awaken Your Wise Woman is an evolution, a transformation, and a re-envisioning of the Woman Worriers podcast.  Host Elizabeth Cush provides individual counseling and life coaching for adults who are experiencing anxiety due to a difficult life experiences. She uses mindfulness and meditation with psychotherapy to help clients recognize and explore their fears, worries and stressors. By learning self-calming and self-compassion skills, her clients begin to experience feelings of acceptance and positive self-regard, and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.


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