Awaken Your Throat Chakra

Hey there Empowered Truth Speaker!

I’m still vibrating high after our Activating Intuition Webinar yesterday and it’s the perfect energy for me to be in to share with you this opportunity to continue being present with your energetic system and intuition.

As healers, being in touch with our Truth is a sacred journey that allows us to simultaneously hold ourselves while we share time and space with others as they come home to themselves.

I've noticed that the more in touch I am with my truth, the more present I am able to be to reflect clients back to opportunities to awaken their truth as well.

I wonder if you've noticed that too?

To support you in deepening into relationship with your authentic voice, it's throat chakra activation month over in my Galactic Vibrations store and we're holding space for the collective awakening of our empowered truth speaking through our March offering.

This month we’re featuring our Energetically Activated Lapis Lazuli Pendulum for you! This galactic resource has basked in the full moon light with the intention of capturing the essence of illumination of that which is ready to be brought forth through you and into the world.

Is this a beauty or what!?

A divination tool embodying the frequency of the throat chakra energy, this sacred resource is intended to support the activation of compassionate expression of Truth and may heal wounding related to using your voice.

Symptoms of ear, nose and throat issues such as sore throats, laryngitis, cough, ear aches/itchy/stuffy, sinus infections, respiratory issues, mucous, runny nose, thyroid/lymph node issues and more can be teachers attempting to reflect us back to our throat chakra for attention and support.

Along with these physical symptoms, emotional and relational discomforts such as feeling misunderstood and invisible, unable to express yourself, and having difficulty identifying and/or voicing your opinion are also clues that the center of self expression also known as the throat chakra is asking for some tender, loving care.

Made with a Lapis Lazuli crystal, this healing stone is known for gently loosening and releasing any self expression that has been stifled and penetrates the energy field with your permission to activate the truth ready to be acknowledged, remembered, and expressed.

Pendulums are precious tools holding the intention of reflecting us back to our inner knowing. If you feel called to journey with this, use it to fine tune your intuitive senses and deepen your relationship with your own intuitive power.

New to pendulums? We’ve got you covered!

We’re including 2 special bonuses with this sacred shopping purchase to support you.

Upon purchase, you will also receive a digital guide offering ideas how to activate and relate with your pendulum prepared by our dear friend, Alexis, founder of Chakredy and you’ll receive an invitation to an empowering webinar to support your journey as well.

At this point I trust that you know whether you are called to journey with this month’s Lapis Lazuli pendulum or not.

So as you lean into your inner knowing and trust what is arising, we invite you to come sacred shopping with us!

As our special gift to you, use the Coupon Code: SACRED11 for 11% off your order.

Click here to get your pendulum now


I can’t wait to hear how you welcome this sacred support!

Gently onward,


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