Awaken Your Intuition in the Therapy Space

I’ve been dancing with my intuitive abilities since childhood and often struggled making sense of how to incorporate them into my work as a therapist with my traditional training. Over the years I have come to understand the role my intuitive self plays in my work and it’s been such a gift to connect with it in the presence of my clients to support their healing process.

I’ve launched a free virtual training called Awaken Your Intuition in the Therapy Space.

Here’s the low down on the event…

Join Us For This Free Training If…

  • You Are Tired of Resisting Your Inner Knowing and Are Ready to Ethically Honor Your Intuitive Abilities in Healing Work With Your Clients
  • You Want to Give Yourself Permission to Be Fully Present With Everything in the Room With You and Your Clients
  • You Are Willing to Awaken to the Truth of Who You Are and Practice from a Place of Wholeness

During This Free Training, You Will Discover…

  • My Favorite Technique to Know When You’re Leading With Intuition Versus Ego
  • 3 Inspired Resources for Honoring Your Energy Field So You Don’t Burn Out Doing Work You Love
  • How to Market Your Practice to Align With Clients Who Are Looking For the Sacred Intuitive Space You Offer

I’d love to support you if this experience is resonating with you!

Click here to Watch the Free Replay Now


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